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use pain as fuel for change

Use Your Pain as Fuel For Change – Jon Henrik Fjällgren

When we embrace our lives completely – with the good and bad – magic happens. Every situation has an invaluable lesson for our inner growth. Often we want to run away from any painful situation. It makes sense, but in every painful moment, we have an opportunity to go deeper within ourselves.

In my life, I have experienced many painful moments. Yet I have always grown so much from them. Instead of looking for the help outside myself, I looked within and found all that I needed to become happy again and more importantly to know myself better. Each painful moment brought me closer to my true self.

What I have learned is that when we embrace our lives completely. Then, we become holistic and authentic people.

Only then we understand that we don’t need to hide or run away from life. We’re way much greater and stronger than any pain on Earth. Our strength comes from our soul. Therefore, we can overcome anything if we choose it.

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Let me share with you a story of one incredible man called Jon Henrik Fjällgren. Some of you might know him from Swedish Talent Show that he won in 2014.

Jon Henrik was born in Columbia and for a while was raised in an Indian village, and then he moved to an orphanage. One day his life changed when Swedish Sami family adopted him. Sami people are indigenous people of northern part of Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

When Jon Henrik went to Swedish Talent Show, he chose to sing Daniel’s Jojk. Jojk is a traditional song of Sami people which captures the essence of someone else. Jon Henrik decided to capture the essence of his dear best friend who died. If you haven’t heard the song, then please do it, it’s breathtaking.

Daniel’s Jojk touches so deep places and open heart that it still brings me close to tears even though I heard it many times.


Use Your Pain as Fuel For Change

With Jon Henrik’s example, I want to show you that when we embrace the pain, we can help the soul to come through.

The soul needs to create cracks in the walls that we build around us, so we understand that we don’t need to hide anymore.

Soul (our real essence) wants us to let her inside. For only then we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are meant to shine. When we look deep into pain and accept, we’ll find inner strength that no one can take away from us anymore.

Embracing pain means that we’re ready to heal and then through our healing, we can heal others.

What is your biggest pain that keeps you playing small?

Make a small decision today that you stay present with your pain. This little decision can change your whole life.

Let this song open your hearts!

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