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Ascension Energies in a New Decade: It’s Time to Remember

The ascension energies of a new decade will take you as high as you allow it. The ascension or spiritual awakening is a process of remembering your true self and letting go of fear-based thoughts and beliefs.

Collective Awakening

As a collective, we experience a massive awakening. The process of awakening – remembering – has been going on in multiple phases for decades. Each new wave of awakened beings creates a new space for the next one to come.

The timing of collective awakening is programmed. Each soul participating in increasing the vibrations of humankind made a contract to awaken in a specific time and then assist others.

Just by becoming more mindful, you’re anchoring new possibilities for others. Never underestimate your impact on the collective energies. Even though it may look like that, what you do doesn’t matter. It always does.


The energy of your choices contributes to the collective pool of energies that help to create a different reality for all of us. 


Although the massive awakening process has specific dynamics, we can also speed it up by applying our free will. During the last couple of years, we’ve made a few jumps that bring into reality things that had never been possible.

Remember that no matter what soul contracts you chose before you were born, you can play with it. You can open up to more potential if you choose it in this lifetime. So what is it that you choose?

I’ve mentioned many times that in 2012 we reached a threshold to enter a new field of potentiality. Maybe some of you can feel that since 2012 your life has changed and our political and economic systems as well.

In 2012, an energy window opened up, and we experience accelerated energy for inner growth. This means that you can now make jumps on your journey of evolution. Now, it’s easier than ever, and we’re also supported beyond measures.


Since 2012 we experience the energy that hasn’t been accessible for thousands of years, and we also undergo a brand new frequency. 


In other words, this is the time you’ve been waiting for so long. Take a chance of it and let it transform your life.

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Main Traits of Ascension Energies


1. For Awakening Souls

For those of you who are awakening, a lot of old patterns are coming up. The last two years may have been difficult for you, and you may have experienced a lot of ups and downs. 

Read more about the process of transformation and its stages.

How do you know if you are awakening?

  • You’ve started to be interested in spirituality not so long time ago, perhaps just a couple of years. 
  • You start to look at things differently now, including how society functions, your relationships, or work. 
  • You don’t get quickly into arguments or caught up in judgments.
  • You yearn for connecting with your soul, but that connection is not yet stable. 
  • You start to see the ways your mind keeps you captive to beliefs that don’t serve you, but you don’t know how to shake them off for good. 


The awakening souls may experience current energies as heavier than others. As the ascension energies of a new decade move through your life, they bring up everything that isn’t harmonic.

It means that if you’re in a relationship that doesn’t work, it’ll get more apparent now. If you struggled with anxiety, depression, or panic attacks in the past, it might get more intense. 


You’ll also realize that the way you lived doesn’t work for you anymore. 


This realization may trigger many fears inside you, and you feel like you take a step forward and two backward. On the one hand, you want to change. Yet, on the other hand, you still fear what the change would bring. 


Once you begin awakening, there is no turning back.


Although you’ll try to go back to your old life, you’ll realize it’s not possible. It’ll only create stuck energy in your life, and you’ll feel like you don’t move any direction. But eventually, you’ll need to decide to allow the energies to transform your life. 

For you, it’s vital to work on the obstacles and dysfunctional patterns that come up. You have an opportunity to let go of energies that kept you stuck for thousands of years.

It’s worth supporting yourself in this unique process!

You may start processing suppressed emotions, begin journaling, or you find someone who is ahead of you and can guide you in releasing limiting beliefs so you can build a new reality for yourself. 


My piece of advice is: do whatever you need to do to clear up your patterns.


Don’t stop. Show up every day again and again. It’ll shift as long as you continue working on yourself. 

Yes, the process of awakening can be painful, but it happens for you. If you knew how much supported you’re, you’d always feel safe. However, no one else can do the work for you if you don’t face your inner shadow and ask for help.

It’s your journey. 


3. For Awakened Souls

For those of you who are already awakened and you started walking your Lightworker journey consciously, this is an exciting time! 

The ascension energies bring to us what we had been waiting for so long! It started already in May 2018, and many of you began to remember who you are beyond this planet and this life. 


Your mission will crystalize. 


During the ascension energies, you’ll become even more evident on what your unique gifts are, and you’ll find your sphere of genius. In the past, you may have been doing the healing work, but now it’ll become more powerful as you align with the unique frequency of your soul. 


The current energies will take you deeper – into your soul’s memories. You’ll also have a chance to rewrite them and shapeshift your timelines.


You’ll remember your psychic gifts from the ancient times, and you’ll learn to use them again. Together with remembering the ancient times, your consciousness will expand, and you become more aware of the energies of different timelines. 

How many of you are experiencing shapeshifting your timelines already? (I’m curious to hear from you. Leave me a comment on Facebook.)


3. Creating a New Future

The ascension energies allow us to create a brand-new future. Something that hasn’t existed yet. How many of you get chills in your body while reading this? 

It’s because you can create realities that you thought weren’t possible for you. Remember that nowadays, we can jump over some frequencies into the ones that we wish to experience. Everything is plastic.


It’s you who decides what is possible for you. 


It’s good to spend some time daydreaming and visualizing the future you want. Challenge yourself and go beyond what you currently think is possible. The ascension energies bless and accelerate everything that you put into motion. Please take advantage of it!


4. Reviewing the Old

In the current ascension energies, we are asked to review the old. You may have to reassess your relationship to someone from your past. Or you think that you let go of something and now it’s back. 

What I heard other Lightworkers to talk about during our sessions is that the patterns that have been the most limiting are now very intense. Therefore, we work a lot on releasing financial fears and deep-seated panic and stress from stepping into potential, and of course, relationships. 


The patterns that have had a grip on you for some time are now stronger and more visible.


It happens to help you let it go. Don’t think it’s real; see it as a projection of your mind that isn’t aligned with love. It’s time to release all of it. Don’t stop yourself by finding excuses that you don’t have time, money, or knowledge to rewrite the stories in your mind. If you open up, you’ll find the way. 


5. Illusion of Separation

One of the big themes of current ascension energies is that the illusion of separation is falling into pieces. More and more people realize that we aren’t separated from one another. And we’ve never been. 

I know that most people know this as a concept, but the ascension energies make it even more clear.


As our body cells are changing, the unity of consciousness is recorded in our bodies. 


You may experience glimpses of recognition that we’are all connected. Throughout the upcoming years, you’ll know it “in your body” more and more. When you align yourself with this truth, many old beliefs will dissolve themselves. 

The upcoming generations will be better versions of ourselves. It’s us who create the bridge for the new future for all of humankind. 


6. Christ Consciousness

Before this article gets way too long, I want to discuss the last of many attributes of ascension energies.

During the last couple of years, you may have felt attracted to Jesus Christ (and/or Mary Magdalene). The reason is that the energy grid of Christ Consciousness that he laid the foundations for is now at full speed, and we can access it. 


Christ Consciousness is a universal level of consciousness that is built on inclusion rather than exclusion and fear. 


It has nothing to do with religions. When you plug yourself to the Christ grid that is around the planet, your minds get rewired to new levels. It’ll be easier for you to stay balanced, experience inner peace, and see through illusions. 

As more people receive Christ Consciousness, it’ll change the reality for everyone. 

If you want to receive help and guidance on your awakening journey, explore the Lightworker Healing.


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