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This is What You Need to Do When You Feel Stuck in Life

What to do when you feel stuck in life? Should you wait for something to change? Will this feeling pass? Will you come better out of it? Why do you feel stuck in life in the first place? These thoughts might be running in your mind. When you feel stuck in life, you tend to outsource your life to anything and anyone so that you can avoid taking responsibility for your life. It’s time to change that!

Note: This article is based on my latest book: “Become the CEO of Your Mind.”

I know many amazing people who have great potential, but they get stopped before reaching their goals. I meet many people whose lives are like on a swing. One day up, another day down. Sometimes it seems that it’s more often down than up.

Sometimes I want to shake them and tell them to wake up. Sometimes I wish that they could see the potential I see in them. Yet I have to respect their free will. Even if it makes them suffer.

The big part of why people don’t use their potential is because they feel overwhelmed and stuck in life. They tell me that they’re too tired to change it or too unsure what to do. Or that they’re waiting for one big thing to happen so they can keep moving.

I want to change your perception of why you feel stuck in life. And give you some guidance on how to improve it. Because feeling stuck is one of the ego’s illusions that makes people waste their time.

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Why do we feel stuck in life?

There is only one standard denominator – fear.

We allow ourselves to be stuck because we’re afraid of what would happen when we step out of our comfort zone. The fear paralyzes us, so we stop moving and become stuck.


Whenever you feel stuck, ask yourself:

What am I trying to escape from?

What feelings make me feel so uncomfortable, so I instead stop moving altogether? 

Who am I trying to please?


When you face your fears, you’ll stop feeling paralyzed, and you can begin to move again in your life.


What to do when you feel stuck in life?

Sometimes when you feel stuck in life, it’s because you stop moving in the right direction. We might wait for some person to help us or to situation change first. Yet this is exactly what makes us being stuck. We stop moving because we feel like a victim, or we wait for something else to change first.


When we decide to take responsibility and do the things we want regardless if it’s easy or someone supports us, we shift the energy in life. 


It’s always us who is stuck –  not the situation. As you remember from my post that life happens for you, not to you.


Life happens for you, so if you stop moving and going in the right direction, then life reflects it to you so you can recognize the pattern and change it. It’s that simple.


How to make the waters move again is to do the next right thing and then another. It can be something small or seemingly unimportant, but by keep moving, you create more positive energy that will open doors to something bigger.


When you’re stuck in one life area, it soon reflects in another area.


For example, if you feel stuck in a job (you don’t like it, you feel living in a rut), you bring this energy into another area – your relationships, money, or health.

Unconsciously, you recreate the same situation that you feel in your job somewhere else so you can see it better and change it. The endeavor to change it is often unconscious. Of course, you don’t create “drama” and difficult situations just out of the fun.

But there is a wise part of you that wants to push you into healing what you like to neglect and ignore.

The opposite is also true. When you start doing the right next thing in one life area, it positively influences other areas. For example, you create a beautiful relationship with your partner, and it energizes you, so you bring more positive energy to your work.


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