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energy update 2018

Energy Update 2018: Are You Ready for the Next Level?

I decided to share with you another energy update 2018 as the energies are getting pretty intense and I’m sure that you’d benefit from a little insight and guidance.

The collective energy has been shifting since May 2018, and the strongest energies have impacted us since September 2018. I believe that almost everyone has felt the current energy wave because it’s rewiring our lives profoundly.

A general vibe of energy update 2018

You may have the burning feeling that you’re ready for the next level. Moments of clarity arrive when you sense your potential, and you know that soon you’ll be in a place that you’ve dreamed about.

You can sense it right in front of you. It’s within your reach yet you can’t seem to get there quite yet. Sometimes you feel your inner power and a strong connection to the universe. Your heart whispers to you that you can accomplish that which you’ve longed for and much more.

You open up your heart and let the right people come in but as the high, exciting wave came, it suddenly leaves, and you go into despair wondering if you ever reach the place you seek.

The general vibe of collective energies is that you can finally live the life you’ve always desired. Now you know it’s possible, but old fears still keep coming up and then you struggle to believe that you’ll have that life you wanted.


It feels like you’re chasing the carrot on the stick – you feel it, you know it’s there, but for some reason, you can’t reach it. 


Old issues and doubts are surfacing the levels of your conscious mind, and sometimes you wonder if you ever have changed.

A more in-depth look into why our lives are shifting

Every 26 000 years, Earth undergoes one cycle. Each cycle carries different energies and lessons for humankind. A fall in our consciousness was characteristic of the previous Earth cycle.

We experienced what the darkness is and how the disconnection with our souls feels. We led wars, made fear-based decisions, and got off the balance between our feminine and masculine energies.

The deeper wisdom has been carried in the selected groups of shamans, natives, secret members of brotherhoods and sisterhoods, Tibetian or Hindu monks to name a few. However, the majority of humankind had been falling deep into oblivion.

The majority of people identified themselves with their egos, roles (being a daughter, father, boss, beggar), and the logical part of the mind. Simultaneously, they forgot their true self – that which is unchanged and forever connected with its Creator.

We were killing and abusing each other for thousands of years because we felt disconnection and separation from each other – and our hearts and souls. It’s enough to open any history book or think about the past 100 years, and you know what I’m talking about.

This 26 000 year cycle officially finished December 21, 2012. I know that most of the people didn’t sense any shift – it was a typical day as any other, but can you see how many people have awakened since then?

Has the way of your thinking and feeling shifted? Are you a new person today?

The year 2012 truly marked the end of a long and dark cycle and opened a window of change between 2012 and 2020. Now we’re slowly embracing the energies that it has brought. We’re tasting the flavors of the new, light period and allowing the energy to shaken our worlds so that we can lay the foundations for something much bigger than we ever imagined. The new cycle is the Age of Light (more on that in future articles).

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Energy update 2018: the 4 pillars of change


1. Review of relationships

Autumn 2018 is in the name of relationships and life purpose/work. Once again, we’re asked to get to the heart of our relationships and see whether we have the right people in our lives.

Many relationships have been falling apart and shaking in its foundations. Suddenly, we can’t pretend anymore that everything is fine while we’re unhappy inside. It’s not enough to say; I’m fine because we want to speak up and name our feelings correctly.


It’s time to get emotionally naked and vulnerable in our relationships.


The energy asks you to stop showing what others want to see and show your true self instead. Thus, you lay the foundations for true intimacy.

Men need more feminine nourishing energy while women seek their inner power. The old templates of how relationships function are falling apart, and it’s vital that you don’t hide your true feelings.

However, we might feel the urge to run away and make significant changes; it’s not the right time yet. The path ahead is covered up in the haze, and we should not rush into conclusions and decisions. Not yet. The time will soon come when we have more answers than questions.

As we review our relationships, we may also feel grief, sadness, or guilt for the past relationships that ended. Our minds wander to what could have been and to people who are no longer part of our lives.


2. Cleansing subconscious wounds

As the energy wave enters different realms of our lives, we find ourselves on an emotional rollercoaster.

Without warning the old pain and lessons that we thought we mastered come back in full speed and intensity. It can take the mind to despair, and we may even feel the need to withdraw from society.

Issues that you thought you’ve already dealt with are now taking over your life and mind like a dark cloud. You wonder what has happened and you start to judge and criticize yourself for not knowing better (already).

You may act as you used to act a couple of years ago. The reason that you re-experience some old beliefs about yourself isn’t that you haven’t learned anything. It’s because you still need to anchor the change you’ve made in your life.


The energy wave is so intense that it either takes you high up or it pushes you down. 


Besides the relationships, a lot of the problems has to do with setting up clear boundaries, self-respect, and letting go of attachment. It also has a lot to do with your purpose in life.


3. Step into your potential

Especially lightworkers feel the itch to step up to the next level. These periods of clarity can be quickly replaced by deep insecurities and doubts about their worth and meaning of life.


We face the choice of how our future will look like – individually and collectively. 


The way of our thinking has changed, and we’ve become better versions of ourselves. The old “show” is over and we need to ask ourselves where our next steps will lead.


We’re asked to enter the next level and embrace our greatness – how many of you can feel it in your heart?


Right before we make that jump which we already made in our hearts, we still need to drop the old story of who we are and what we’re capable of and write a new one.


4. Nurture yourself

Giving and receiving needs to be balanced. Many people, especially lightworkers and empaths tend to over-give. They give and give until the joy sneak out their hearts.


The current energy teaches us that over-giving is not an option anymore. 


To help others, you must first help yourself. It’s time to embrace your healing journey and recharge your batteries truly. It’s time to set up the boundaries and exclude people who violate them.

As long as you keep giving, the universe will throw obstacles to your life, and your body will be on strike.


Where are you not receiving in your life?

What does deplete you?

What no longer serve you?

Why do you deplete yourself?

The world will function differently – it’ll no longer be about you showing up, but it will be about HOW you show up. What is the energy behind your actions?


It’s time to take an honest look at your life and see what way of life works for you. Tune into the wisdom of your body. Let it show you when it needs to rest and when it bursts with energy to share.

Dear reader, I can feel your potential and what is possible for you is beyond anything. If we all connect and support each other, we create a massive wave of awakening and so much light that nothing can stop it anymore.

I know that you hear the call. It’s all right. Answer it.

You and I are into this together. Never forget that.

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