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commit to your dreams

This Is Why You Should Commit to Your Dreams

How much do you commit to your dreams? Seriously? 100%? With no backdoor in your life?

Our lives are filled with obligations. Some people might even feel like outsiders if they don’t meet the expectations of society. When we were little, we were full of hope and knew that we would live our dreams once. Yet as the future approaches, we might feel disheartened and burdened by all those ideas of who we should be.

We might have our plates full of projects, deadlines, and fulfilling someone else’s expectations about what our life should be. It’s very easy to get lost in others.

How to commit to your dreams: baby steps matter

The way you commit to your dreams is the way you show up for everything. Imagine that you constantly commit to your dreams – how would you feel? I believe that you’d feel energetic and fulfilled every day. It wouldn’t matter (so much) if you already have everything that you wanted because you’d feel so good about moving towards your dreams every day.


It’s the constant movement towards our dreams that makes us feel great. Not the final destination. 


It’s like playing the piano; you need to practice step by step – you need to stay committed to your dream day by day to become one day an excellent piano player. It doesn’t happen overnight, but many people wish it would so they let themselves be stopped on the way.

For me, yoga has helped me so much to understand the gift of showing up in my life. When I lived in China, I was doing 3-hour Iyengar yoga every Sunday, and almost every move seemed far behind my limits. We would stay in each position between 10 to 20 minutes, and my body would shake.

Once when my body was shaking a lot, and I thought why the hell I was doing this to myself, the teacher came to me, and she said that the body always can, it’s just my mind that thinks that it cannot.

So I focused on relaxing my mind and then my body stopped shaking. At the moment, I understood what I was looking for in yoga classes – I needed to realize that it’s possible to develop the mindset that we can make anything happen. Moreover, when you commit to your dreams and show up for yourself, things become a whole lot easier.

I took the same mindset into my Chinese classes, into my writing, my meditations, and little by little I’ve begun to commit to my dreams. It’s just a shift in mindset – the shift that teaches you that it makes sense to go after your dreams gradually.


When you face obstacles, you know that if you continue to show up for yourself and doing what you believe is the best thing to do, it will all come together eventually.


Obstacles make you stronger because you know that there are here to teach you a valuable lesson.

When you have the mindset to commit to your dreams no matter what, you show up in the same way for everything. Just like I did thanks to the yoga classes.

Either we can keep running from our dreams and our true feelings and desires, or we decide to embrace them and transform them into something beautiful.

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When you don’t commit to your dreams

Now, imagine the other side of the coin. Let’s meet John who isn’t used to show up for himself. John never speaks about his dreams to anyone because he gave them up many years ago.

He has become a successful manager leading a big team. From his rational perspective, he did everything correctly – he studied business, got married and had children, he was climbing the corporate ladder ever since he left the university.

He did everything just the way it is “supposed” to be done. Yet in his heart, he knows that he has never learned to show up for himself.

His dream was to become a musician – he used to have a band and play an electric guitar. However, his family had a strong opinion of musicians being broken and weird, and he has never dared to go against their expectations.


John shows up for his family, for his employees, for his career but never for his true desires.


Over the years, he has been smiling less often, and he has become stressed and resentful.  When his son tells him that he would like to study at a vocational school, he gets furious and tells him that if he wants to have a nice life, he needs to study business or law.

If you don’t commit to your dreams, you’ll always feel like you’re wasting time and betraying yourself. You’ll do what you think that you should be doing but it’ll never satisfy you because it doesn’t come from within but it comes from others.


How to stay committed to your dreams

If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you haven’t been committing to your dreams too often. Just as we’ve been conditioned to live up to the expectations of others over the years, we need to begin to practice commitment to our dreams slowly.

You can start with the baby steps because they create a big difference over time.

You can:


Ask yourself what the best way that you can start now is. Remember, consistency is the key. Just as you wouldn’t break your word if it’d involve someone else, you shouldn’t do it to yourself either.

Choose one area of your life for now and show up for yourself day by day. You’ll shortly see that you approach other life areas more consistently too.

I’d love to hear from you about where do you struggle the most to show up for yourself. Let me know on my Facebook page under any post.

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