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How to Reach Your Dreams without Worrying

How can you reach your dreams without worrying if you’ll make it happen? Trying to achieve your dreams can be one of the biggest frustrations. No matter whether you want to open your yoga place, find a soulmate or earn more money if you feel it is far from your achieving your dreams it brings frustration. The mind starts wandering to the future or the past doubting if what you want will ever happen.

You may see people around you accomplishing what you desire, and it can make you feel like everything that you do is wrong because it hasn’t brought you the results yet. Or you blame your past full of hurts for making you believe like you cannot have what you want. When you learn how to reach your dreams without worrying, you unleash your true potential.


Without realizing, you’re sabotaging yourself in a big way. 


It’s exactly the mind wandering to other times than now that repels your dreams. It can become a very addictive habit to mind travel when you don’t like where you are at.

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Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

If you want to learn how to reach your dreams without worrying, you have to first understand that everything that happens in your reality is in your control. While being inspired and visualize amazing things is a good thing, attaching yourself too much to the future is not. The same applies to the habit of thinking about the past too often. What happened is gone, and when you direct your mental focus towards what happened, you recreate similar experiences in the present.


Whenever you’re at a different time than now, you deprive yourself of the most precious assets you have – energy and focus.


Thus you lack the necessary energy which you could otherwise use for creating something positive in the present. For sure, you’ve experienced moments when you get yourself lost in getting anxious or worried about the future. Or you have too many ideas at once, and you want to make them happen as soon as possible. But there are no results, and you feel defeated and want to give up.

It has probably also happened that something that you wanted very much hasn’t come true. The memory of it keeps your mind believing that your other goals are unattainable or impossible too.


Whenever you align your thoughts with belief, your reality reorganizes itself to support your belief.


Hence thinking about other times than now brings your focus to things that you have no control over. Yet by directing your focus and energy on those thoughts, you recreate similar circumstances for you.

That’s why visualizing positive outcomes for you is valuable, but if those thoughts trigger any fear, it makes you bring this fear-based reality into the present moment. Thus, you can live in patterns that become self-fulfilling prophecies.


Reach Your Dreams without Worrying about the Future

Bring all of your attention to the now.


Look at your life as realistically as you can and see what can you do with the cards you have now.


Being realistic also means recognizing your strengths and opportunities.

Let’s say that you don’t have the level of financial freedom as you wish to have. You imagine yourself in the future when you can do all those things that you want, and you have enough finances for them.

But each time you imagine your future wealthy self, you also realize how far you’re from that outcome. This leads to feelings of anxiety and fear. In fact, what you’re doing is that you direct your focus on something positive which you connect with fear and thus you feel even more anxious. It’s the same as imagining your future with a lover that you believe you can never have. This leads to very negative thoughts that can become a habit.

What I suggest instead is to forget about your dream if it triggers any fears and focuses just on what you can do now.

In the scenario with money, you can have a look at where you can save or invest money. You can start looking for another job or have a discussion with your boss about promoting you. If you’re offering any services, then you can think about how you can improve that already now.

When you put yourself into a mode of looking at present opportunities instead triggering your anxiety about the future, you’ll create your desired future sooner than you know it.

Every single one of you can do that. You have enormous power to shift and shape your life in the direction you want. All you need to do is to learn to use your assets wisely.


Try This for One Week

If you have any dream that you’ve been working on for a longer period and you don’t see the results yet then try to change your focus for one week. You have nothing to lose.

What I suggest to do is to stop thinking about whether the accomplishment of your dream is possible and about when and how it will happen. Just drop those thoughts for 7 days.

Instead, look at your life as if you’d be looking at the life of a stranger. What can you do? What is a waste of time? Where is the biggest shift you can do now?


Put all your power and focus on what you and learn to play the cards that have been given to you. 


Not that you will stop wasting time on doubts and fears, but you will also focus on the only time you have – the present moment.

I’ll tell you one secret. You can accomplish any dream when you feel burning desire within you. For what you want, you already have everything you need, but when you don’t use it, you deprive yourself of the tools that can create all the difference.

You already have everything that you need. It may not look like what you’ve imagined, so you disregard it for not being perfect, but it’s exactly enough and what you need to make anything you want.

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