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How to Master the Art of Not Giving up on Yourself

Not giving up on yourself means that you always have your back. It also means that you’re forging your own path towards what you’d like to experience while here on Earth. It opens up a world of new possibilities, and it guides you right to the center of your power.

Sometimes, we feel like leaves drifted by the wind. I’ve heard many people saying that they feel like life happens to them rather than create their lives. Although this can be a natural feeling when we’re kids, it shouldn’t be the case when we are adults.


How do you respond when you have a dream and you know without a shadow of a doubt that you want it to happen yet it doesn’t go the way you’ve imagined?


Be it traveling to Asia, a starting new business, learning the Italian language, or taking a cooking course. What do you do when things don’t go as planned? Do you give up on yourself? or you let it make you stronger?

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Do You Give Up or Do You Fight for Your Dreams?

Personally, it took me a long time before I got to the stage in which I’d say that I want to make it happen because I’ve decided. Because I want to bring it to fruition. No matter what. Not giving up on yourself comes down to choosing to have your back. 

There are things in life that are important, and we should not give them up. As we hear the inner call to grow and transform our lives, we should act on it. Or the call gets louder and more visible. Life never stops inviting us to step into our power and act on our dreams.


If you give up on yourself, you betray yourself. Which is one of the worst feeling ever!


Not Giving Up on Yourself Will Change Your Life

Making a decision that you’ll not give up on yourself regardless of hardship on the way requires knowing yourself. It takes time and reflecting on who you’re. It doesn’t happen overnight.

As you know yourself better and become clear on what you want to create consciously, you exert your power in an uplifting way. It uplifts you and the people in your life.

Deciding not giving up on yourself means that you’re ready to take responsibility for your life. Even if things go south, you don’t close your eyes, but you will stay present and do what needs to be done. You learn to read life challenges as opportunities to grow and embrace the good and bad.

When you learn how not to give up, you build self-confidence because you trust your abilities to follow through. The challenges aren’t supposed to stop us, but instead, they’re supposed to strengthen us.

Each moment you’re not giving up, you become stronger and able to carry more energy and light in your body. You become a human vessel for all the energy so it can flow freely through you, and you prove that you’re responsible and able to carry it wisely.


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