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4 Steps to Stop Being Busy and Make Your Dreams Come True

Stop being busy with meaningless things that keep you feeling distracted and empty. As Lao Tzu said: ”Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.”

Do you want to get things done? Then stop being busy. Become efficient instead. Being busy doesn’t equal doing something important. As harsh as it may sound, I know that you know what I mean. We tend to overcomplicate things and spend so much more time than we’d have to just because we let fear rule our lives.

The ego will always take the lead if we allow it. Therefore, it’s essential to become the CEO of your mind and learn how to work with the negative inner voice.


If we allow the mind to tell us how impossible something is, we get caught up in an endless loop.


The mind tries to convince us about how little time we have. Ask yourself a simple question; “What would it take for me to master the desired skill or finish an important task?”

You always know the answer. You always know what is or isn’t essential. Many times, we think that we need to follow specific steps and there is no way how to do it faster or more efficiently. But there always is.

We think that if we work hard for ten or fifteen years, then we will have more money or can finally afford to do more fulfilling projects. By being busy, we only postpone or never achieve our dreams.

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How to stop being busy


1. Do you want what you think you want? 

We often lie to ourselves about what we want. Instead of being honest with ourselves, we convince ourselves that we don’t want to have a better relationship, travel around Asia or learn French.

Because; “What if we fail?”

By not exploring your full strength and potential, you already failed. Fear of going out there and taking risks is an indicator that we are on the right path. Otherwise, the fear wouldn’t try to hold us back.


2. What do you have to do to achieve your dreams?

If you are learning a new language, the reasonable step would be to go to a language school. This is, however, the long way to go. What you want is to become fluent and being able to express your ideas or read a book in another language.

Attending a class once a week and going through grammar book will not take you there. Trust me; I’ve studied 9 languages in total. Though I attended many classes, it gave me knowledge of grammar.

What you need to do is to talk with a native speaker, watch movies and listen to music in the language. You have to start reading, even if it’s something simple and short at the beginning. And, travel to the country.

Many people complain that they either don’t have time or money go to the country which language they want to learn. But, why do you want to understand the language if you might not ever use it? Be always clear about your intentions and direct the energy in the right way.   


3. Ask for help

No matter what you want, there are already people who have achieved it. Find them and learn from them. Educate yourself about how they did it. Even better is if you know someone personally.

Arrange a meeting with them and ask for all the details. Ask them about what has caused their breakthrough. How long it took and how much energy they devoted to it.

Ego doesn’t want us to ask help because then it feels silly and unimportant yet sharing the thoughts is creating the synergy that makes miracles happen. Do you want to look like you know it all yet feeling like a fraud inside or be genuine and become a creator of your life?


4. Just do it. Period.

Waiting will not solve anything. If you want it and you know what it takes to achieve it then do it. How much time do we spend on analyzing and postponing things? If we do it instead then, we would know much sooner if it was the right choice.

It’s easy to get stuck with unimportant things day after day. But, they don’t take you anywhere. What we should or shouldn’t do is not set in stone. We create our days and dreamed life.

I bet that even if you think that you’re indispensable and the world would stop if you don’t answer emails, there is someone who needs you even more. It’s YOU begging you to stop betraying your dreams.

Thus, the antidote to being busy is to focus on the important things. Look at your goals and think if you take the right path to achieve them or you postpone it out of fear. Simplify and focus.

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