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Should Obstacles Stop You? Two Types of Obstacles You Need to Know

Should obstacles stop you? Is it a sign that you’re on the wrong path? Obstacles are an inevitable part of the life journey. Quite often, there’s a misconception that everything will go smoothly and without an effort once you’re on the right path.

Thanks to this opinion, people who are on the right journey get tired and stop moving forward. They assume that the obstacles mean that their journey is wrong, so, unfortunately, they redirect themselves from living their higher potential because it seems more demanding than they’d expected.


Two Types of Obstacles

The first type of obstacle tells us that we’re on the wrong path, and we should redirect our steps. This is the kind of obstacle to stop you and make you realigned with your higher self again. However, the second type of obstacle shouldn’t stop you! On the contrary, it helps you build up greater strength, so you’re ready for the next level.


Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

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Should Obstacles Stop You?

If you do what you’re passionate about then, you can be pretty sure that you’re on the right path, and thus the obstacles represent challenges that teach you more about your talents and how to use them wisely. Don’t let these obstacles stop you. 

If we hadn’t met these challenges, then we wouldn’t be motivated to go beyond our limits and grow. Or at least not continuously.


Our biggest challenges are themes that our soul chose to come here to explore.


Thus running away from them is running away from the reason why you’re here. It’s not accepting who you’re. The universe always guides us. When you meet the type of obstacle that helps you to become a better version of yourself, it’s like when you get fired from the job you hate, then this redirects you to your true life path.

Likewise, when your marriage drains your energy, and you feel buried alive, and suddenly you get seriously ill, or you meet someone new, then it tells you to get yourself out of this toxic situation.


Obstacles on the Right Path

Let’s say you have always wanted to be a singer or photographer. This is your passion, and anytime you talk about it, your eyes shine, and you emanate sparkles of excitement all around you.

When you dream about being a singer or famous photographer, you imagine how successful you’re, people recognize you on the street, and they know your work.

However, the reality might be entirely different. You sing in small bars or at weddings; no significant gallery wants your pictures, and what’s more! Your relatives and friends keep telling you that you should get real and find some normal job.

After a couple of years, you get tired of all this and ask yourself if this is really what you were meant to do. 

So, what is the truth? Should you let obstacles stop you and stop pursuing your dream when it seems unreachable?

The answer is no. No, if you do what thrills you and you dream about it ever since you can remember. If you know that you were born to become a singer, then nothing should stop you. If you do what you love, don’t doubt it and look at the obstacles as a learning tool.


Once, you’re on the right path, the only reason for obstacles is to bring the best out of you.


The purpose is to prepare you for the next level. It prepares you for more success, money, love. The obstacles train you to become a more spiritual and loving being and not let your decisions be driven by ego.

If you’d succeed immediately, the chances are that the fame would feed your ego, and you would become someone else than you probably want to be.

But, if you have time to gradually grow into a more evolved being than you can cope with anything, whereas your authenticity stays unaffected.

When we’re observant, we learn to recognize obstacles that take us to a higher level from those which tell us to change life’s direction.

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