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Iyengar Yoga Benefits

The Iyengar Yoga Benefits: The Power of Will

When I lived in China, I attended Iyengar yoga classes each Sunday. One of the most essential Iyengar yoga benefits that I’ve learned during the classes was the power of will.

The Iyengar yoga goes more in-depth than other yoga practices and forces you to go beyond your limits. (Or, was it just my strict Chinese teacher? :))

You have to devote yourself entirely to yoga and see it as a spiritual practice, not a physical exercise.


As my teacher often says; “If you want to exercise your body then go to the gym, if you want to strengthen your spirit and will come to yoga.”

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My yoga teacher told us that if we want to penetrate what yoga means, then we have to give it every time our 100%. Otherwise, we don’t know what true yoga means. So, I did.

When I was in the classes, I was entirely present and connected to my body. I felt every single part, every muscle, every bone, and each breath. In the classes, I didn’t strengthen only my arm but every tendon, vein, every bit to the top to the fingertips.

Each class took 3 hrs so when I thought that I couldn’t continue, my teacher made me go deeper and I finally understood that it wasn’t about exercising the body. My body can always keep doing the movement, even though my mind thinks it impossible.

I’ve started to apply this knowledge about the power of will to other aspects of my life.


Why is will a crucial part of our lives?

Obstacles exist solely in mind. Only you decide what you’re or aren’t capable of doing something. Each time when you settle for less, you betray yourself.

No excuses in the world can make you feel better. The power of will and ability to get things to a successful end is directly proportional to the self-confident. Every time, you go for a run or to the gym, you withal increase self-trust. Each seeming triviality matters.

Be it, having a healthy breakfast, buy watercolors and paint a picture, or express own opinion in the discussion. Self-discipline and strong will strengthen self-confidence, and there is a higher chance that you gradually restructure essential parts of your life as well.

How can you trust yourself when you don’t finish or even start things that are important to you? How else can you know that you’re able to take care of yourself?

If you want to get a sense of depth and meaning in life, then be a master of the moment.

Practice the power of will wherever you’re, whatever you’re doing at the moment. It’s all about you. You can choose to be either a guru or a victim of your own life.

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