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Show Up For Your Life

How to Show up for Your Life and Yourself

There is magic happening when you show up for your life! When you let go of your fears and commit to your life journey fully. Imagine a life in which you do what you love.


To show up for your life:

Stop waiting for someone to save you, for promotion, getting married, or being more successful. Just fully embrace your life journey exactly where you are.

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I love a ski jumper, Eddie Edward’s story, which was nicely described in Eddie the Eagle. For those of you who have never heard about him, he’s kind of Forrest Gump on skies.

Eddie has always been a very determined person. When he was a little, he knew exactly what he wanted to do – go to the Olympics. It didn’t matter so much in which category. During his childhood and teenage years, he tried many different sports, followed by disappointment each time.

Yet, instead of giving up, he showed up for his life and continued working for his big dream. He found out that he could try ski jumping as there had not been any record holder for the UK at that time in this category. He went to practice by himself to Lake Placid in the US, and he indeed made it to the Olympics 1988 in Calgary.

As opposed to his competitors, he started practicing much later, had overweight, and many would describe him as having no sports talent – but it didn’t matter for him.

In Calgary, he jumped twice. He ended each time at the last place.

Guess if he bothered? No!

He was so excited to make his dream to get to the Olympics come true that he was jumping with excitement. Eddie didn’t allow anything and anyone to stop him, and there were more than good enough reasons to stop ski jumping.

Eddie carries an important message for all of us: Do what you love and don’t allow anyone to stop you.

In reality, we don’t need approval from anyone.


The only approval we seek is our own.


The secret of how to show up for your life is –  stop listening to your fears and face them instead.


Have your fears ever helped you to feel better?

Have your fears made your dreams come true?

Have they brought you closer to your loved one?


Unconscious fears that we don’t face never bring anything positive into our lives. They only limit us, and we play small. What if we would do immediately what we love? Without putting too much weight on our fears?

If you want something in your life, go, and make it happen directly.

There is no need to wait and rationalize the decision, look for pros and cons, ask others for opinions, remind yourself what can go wrong to get it. If you like something, please, permit yourself to have it. Now.

If you feel the desire deep inside, it will not disappear by ignoring it. You’ll only postpone your happiness.

Be like Eddie and go and do it. You don’t need to wait for anything.

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