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share your spiritual gifts with the world

3 Steps How to Share Your Spiritual Gifts with The World

Do you feel the call to share your spiritual gifts with the world as a lightworker? If you do, you’re one of the courageous souls incarnated here to help humankind in this grand transition. The planetary cycles are shifting. And we’re the bridge to the new era that’s slowly unfolding. Our actions matter. Every lightworker contributes to the transformation in a way they best can. Thus, sharing your spiritual gifts with the world becomes the vessel to fulfill your legacy. Are you ready to start, or if you have started, are you ready to deepen your purpose?


Why Share Your Spiritual Gifts with the World?

Sharing your spiritual gifts with the world isn’t about you, and yet it is. It’s both impersonal and deeply intimate. It’s about stepping into the story that wants to unfold through you. You’ve signed a contract with the Creation about coming here and contributing your spiritual gifts to the world. The time has come. It doesn’t have to be perfect. How you share your spiritual gifts with the world will likely differ from what you’ve anticipated. It’ll take you to places and people you’ve never dreamed of meeting. Probably, it won’t be a linear, predictable journey. Your “success” will look different from someone else’s.


When you share your spiritual gifts with the world, your whole life makes sense. It’s what you’ve been waiting for all along without even realizing it. 


And yet, during the process of Becoming, you find your true self. You’ll experience the most profound sense of fulfillment you didn’t know was possible. Your life will make sense. All the challenges and the highs and lows, all the conversations and moments of solitude will add up. Because you’ve found the courage to follow your Original Blueprint – the Design by God. And you’ve made it more important than anything else. You commit to sharing your spiritual gifts with the world amidst challenging times. And this is where your power grows. You learn to dance with this sacred contract originating from your Spirit. This is the path only a few choose to walk. What will you choose?


Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

How to Share Your Spiritual Gifts With the World

Remember that this journey is unique to you. After all, you’re fulfilling the prophecy. Embodying the stories that were long ago written in the stars. You’re the trailblazer, the one who opens the Portal for themselves and others. Your journey mirrors your past life experiences, their highs and lows. The question is, what will you cook up from this cosmic soup of your soul inheritance?

1. Find Your Authentic Alignment

There are many shapes and flavors to spiritual gifts. In my Mystery School, I’ve seen some very rare gifts and noticed that the soul generally refines those gifts over lifetimes. However, people often don’t recognize their spiritual gifts if they don’t look as expected. Some people try hard to open their third eye or see visions while ignoring the amazing gifts they naturally have.


Everyone’s way of sharing their spiritual gifts is unique. But sometimes, we sacrifice uniqueness for safety instead of aligning with someone else’s soul blueprint.


The first step to sharing your spiritual gifts with the world is to align with your Original Blueprint. It means understanding what makes you unique and how to channel it into your life. Your authentic alignment is a reflection of your soul’s journey. It’s a natural continuation of what you’ve been refining over lifetimes. Thus, you must take the leap and learn to trust yourself and your journey. It’s the trust that allows the magic to come through.

How you share your spiritual gifts with the world will look unique. Perhaps you’re here to work with the masses or individuals. Maybe you’re here to use your healing gifts for your family and innermost circle of friends. Perhaps you’re meant to share it online or off the grid. All this information is already encoded in you. You only need to align with it. 


2. Use Your Spiritual Gifts

This one may be obvious, but to share your spiritual gifts with the world, you must first use them to heal yourself. For the longest time, the motto of my Lightworker Healing program was, Heal Yourself; Heal Others. There is simply no way around it. Your gifts are here for you, too. When you use your gifts for yourself, you understand their value and their impact. You learn how to work with them. And you’ll know how you can contribute to others. After all, you’re your biggest masterpiece.


3. Transcendence of Soul Wounds

It doesn’t come as a surprise that healing deep soul wounds is essential if you want to share your spiritual gifts with the world. Using your gifts may trigger soul memories from the lives you’ve been using them, and something didn’t turn out too well. When this happens, some people tone their gifts down or let it stop them altogether. But it’s only a soul imprint that needs to be addressed and healed.


The subconscious mind will try to stop you from using your gifts to protect you. 


When we don’t transcend the soul wounds, the mind begins to shape stories and reasons not to be seen in our gifts. If it goes unchecked, the mind convinces us that it’s not the right time yet. It tells us we should hide and stay low because it’s safer. The mind can even convince you that people don’t like and reject you. We create a self-fulfilling paradigm because we get caught up in the net of fears instead of transcending them. Thus, to share your spiritual gifts with the world, healing those wounds is essential. As you work through them, you’ll feel more confident in who you are, and your work becomes more impactful.


Enter the Portal

I’d love to invite you to my 3-week program, The Portal. This is a place for all the magical beings out there to embrace your spiritual gifts and transcend your fears around being seen in living your highest timeline. It’s time!


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