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9 Practical Tips to Create Your 5D Life

How to create a 5D life? We’re the bridge between the spiritual and material worlds. And we’re here to make our 3D lives more 5D rather than to wish and hope to appear in another dimension. All the magic happens here on Earth.

One of the essential secrets of the ascension is that the dimensions are expressions of consciousness. The question has never been about how to get out of here and the heaviness that the 3D sometimes brings. Instead, Are you ready to let the 5D quality of consciousness run and operate through your being? 

The 5D life is within each of us. And this is where the biggest shift first needs to manifest. Other phenomena related to shifting into the fifth dimension like manifesting a 5D translucent body are the side effects of making our 3D life more 5D. In this article, I share with you 9 tips on how to make your life a 5D life. Each of those tips is practical and simple, and yet as you master them, your life will change.


9 Tips To Create Your 5D Life

People often yearn for shortcuts. Usually, they overestimate where they’re on the spiritual journey and hurry toward an imaginary finish line. But how can you go to the next level if you haven’t yet mastered the basics? 

The biggest shift happens when we’re humble and focus on mastering the fundamentals. Surely, the desire to keep expanding is natural and should be honored. However, one should never forget about applying simple spiritual truths in one’s life. And this applies also to creating a 5D life. A 5D life is similar to a 3D life in many aspects. The 5th-dimensional beings still have societies and structures, and they too yearn for embodying a higher consciousness.

It’s similar to radio frequencies. Imagine the 3D life having a certain radiofrequency. To turn our current frequency into a 5D life, we have to tune into a higher frequency. The trick though is to be able to maintain it. Just like with the radio, we can accidentally tune some frequency, but without having the coordinates are we able to repeat our success?

When we create a 5D life, we also have to broaden and strengthen our 3D foundations. And this is usually what most people overlook because it feels boring. But we’re in the 3D for a reason. And the 3D is the stepping stone to the dimensions above. Ideally, we anchor our roots even deeper while simultaneously stretching our branches toward the sky.


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1. Seek True Value

The first tip to creating a 5D life is to seek the true value. When we seek true value, everything that is fake will naturally fall away. This is something each of us has experienced during spiritual awakening when many things we’ve thought were real and stable faded away. And this process of seeing the heart of things, relationships, and the desires we have will only strengthen. Until we reach a point where we have zero tolerance for anything fake. 

And this is a very positive process. Because it’s those illusionary images and ideas tying us to the 3D. If you join my live monthly masterclasses, you’ll hear me speaking about tapping into the genius zone and letting go of false images more in-depth in the future.


As long as the soul is transfixed by illusionary images it keeps falling into the 3D sleep. 


In 3D is a tendency to reduce everything to an image. And often the image is not real. Yet it’s the image that owns most people from a fixation with looks, success, money, material goods, etc. However, when you look at your life through the lens of true value, everything that is real will strengthen. And everything that is false will fade away. Thus always seek the true value in everything.

A simple example is, instead of thinking of how other people perceive you – which is another form of chasing an image of how you think you should look and act – focus on how you want to experience your life. What goodness do you want to bring to your and other people’s lives? Focus on the underlying fact that we’re all connected and it’s just those false images keeping us separated. Once again, if you love to jump into those topics deeper, join my monthly masterclasses.


2. Respect the 3D

Another way to create a 5D life is to respect the 3D. Without respecting and tending to the physical reality, we can’t fully master it. Some people want to unconsciously run away from their lives by ignoring the 3D. Some examples of ignoring the 3D are ignoring the finances, not giving the body proper nourishment, or running away from our problems hoping they will disappear.

Yet, the 3D is the foundation for the 5D consciousness. It can’t be ignored. Otherwise, something will happen to bring our attention back to the 3D. On the other hand, as we nurture the reality and deal with our commitments, responsibilities, and daily things, our sphere of influence increases.


3. Connect to People’s Hearts

A part of 5D life is connecting directly to people’s hearts. When we create a heart-to-heart connection, we establish beautiful synergy. Moreover, through the heart, we connect to other people’s souls. Thus we communicate with the stable aspect of others.

When you speak with someone, listen with your heart. Be fully present with them. Engage with others on the soul level. Hold the energy of your connection high, allowing others to rise.

On the other hand, when we connect solely to people’s minds or to their inner child level, we connect to the unstable aspects of people. Thus what is being shared and spoken isn’t based on truth. Something remains hidden. And we’re more likely to hear what the mind wants to hear. The 5D life operates on the heart level. It unifies and allows people to tap into the real aspects of others even if they aren’t aware consciously of what those aspects are.


4. Fear of Your Potential

One of the biggest obstacles to creating a 5D life is the fear of our potential. Now, you may first think that you aren’t afraid of your potential and why should you even be? But, unconsciously we resist our potential. On the intellectual level, we want to grow and become our highest and happiest selves. But if there was no resistance, you’d be living your highest potential right now. 

One thing is to want something intellectually, another thing is to truly become it. So to create a 5D life, ask yourself:


Why don’t you actually follow your dreams?
Why do you distract yourself from what truly matters and from what you want to create?
And what is the real reason that you don’t act on the inspiration you receive?


Through asking similar questions, we peep into the unconscious mind and bring to the light what is stopping us. The more unconscious resistance we clear out, the more we align ourselves with the 5D frequency. On the other hand, when we run away from something, it impacts the way the dimensions align within us. When we clear our resistance, we’re able to go to the next level without creating substitute problems.

5. Steward of the Earth

We’re stewards of the Earth. The Earth is a beautiful conscious being that allows our souls to experience the manifestation of the 5D energy on the physical level. The 5D and 3D are merging here on the Earth. It should be naturally inbuilt into us to take care of the planet. As we take care of the planet, we also activate the nurturing aspect within ourselves.

Simultaneously, aligning ourselves with the Earth’s consciousness allows the aura to become more magnetic. The Earth’s magnetism and its impacts on the aura are often overlooked or not fully understood. But it’s a necessary step to living a 5D life. The aura becomes fluorescence; it lights up as we deepen our connection with the Earth.


6. Speak The Truth

The fastest way to create a 5D life is to speak the truth. Here, start with yourself. Tell yourself the truth about who you are, what you want, and what you don’t want. When we know our inner truth, we’re able to cut through the situations that are not for the highest good. Moreover, we make the necessary changes we’ve been avoiding making. We release the clutter from our lives aligning with the higher frequency.


7. Sun Codes

Another great way that will support you in creating a 5D life is to receive sun codes. Spending time in natural light outside stabilizes our energy field. Nature neutralizes any superficial unwanted energy in our field we’ve picked up during the day. Moreover, as the sunlight enters the pineal gland, it changes the frequency upon which it operates and this, in turn, activates some of the light codes.


8. What Would Soul Do?

The next tip to creating a 5D life is to ask yourself: What would your soul do (in this situation)? The soul is the 5D consciousness. Thus when we approach life as the soul would we naturally turn it into a 5D life.


If there was no separation between you and the soul how would you change your life?


As we create a conscious relationship with our souls, it’s easier to intuit what the soul would do as there is less and less separation between us and the soul. So ask yourself how would your soul approach this and that situation. How would your soul create soul-based relationships? What is your soul guiding you to do and become? Speak with your soul. Learn to distinguish its frequency. Spend more conscious time with your soul and then take powerful quantum action from that place.


9. Follow Your Heart

Following your heart will guide you to living a 5D life. This isn’t just a nice phrase, but there is a spiritual technology behind the heart chakra. The heart connects us to our purest essence. Thus it serves as a beautiful inner compass through life. The heart is also immune to the voice of the ego. Thus it guides us from the web of illusionary realities of the 3D.

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