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What Every Lightworker and Empath Needs To Know

Every lightworker and empath should know that the way we use spiritual energy has shifted since the winter solstice of 2012. The old ways of protecting yourself are no longer working. Moreover, collectively, our energy centers are being upgraded, and they operate on a new frequency. Although there are hundreds of things that no longer work for a lightworker and empath, there is one thing we might still be doing, and it’s no longer serving us. It’s all about how you manage your light and energy.

What Every Lightworker and Empath Needs to Know

Lightworkers and empaths carry deep soul wounds related to how we had been helping humanity after the fall of Atlantis. In my lightworker healing sessions, I can see this time and time again. In fact, it used to be one of the things that had been preventing me from helping people on an even bigger scale before 2014. When you work with soul wounding, you realize how many subtle things are in play regarding our purpose, happiness, and living in alignment.

As a lightworker and empath, you’re here to anchor in the higher dimensional frequency and light. You’re the bridge between the 3D and 5D (and higher) realms.


The way you be impacts everything. Lightworkers weave new light structures in our dimensions. They create portals from their own bodies. When you align with your true essence, your presence becomes magnetic and contagious. As you may have heard me saying over and over on my Instagram, you’re the answer and medicine for this world. I know that you can feel it. Deep down, you’ve never questioned it, and this remembrance wants to come forth.

As a lightworker and empath, you can allow yourself to fall deeper into your true being. And by doing so, you can help many people without feeling depleted. Yes, you read right. Lightworkers and starseeds worry that they’ll have to take on the burdens of others. They fear being energetically depleted without having space to live in silent communion with the source. This is not only a valid fear. It comes from a deep soul wounding, as I mentioned earlier. If this isn’t addressed, you might feel like something prevents you from stepping into your light and purpose completely. You might circle back and forth, never fully diving into what your soul is calling you to do.

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Stop Giving Your Light Away

If you’re a lightworker and empath and/or a starseed, chances are your energy is fluctuating. Sometimes you might feel high. While other times, you might feel without a spark. Moreover, as a lightworker and empath, you might feel responsible for helping others. Especially your family and friends.

Sharing your light with others might sometimes feel like an overwhelming obligation. When we feel this way, we’re not in the highest service to others and also to ourselves. Unknowingly, we give space for the ego and lower density in ourselves. As a result, our help doesn’t bring the impact we had hoped for, and we wonder why it’s not working.

Stop giving your light and energy away mindlessly. You’re not a discounted shop that people can take energy from. Restore the sacredness for yourself, others, and the light pour through you.


As a lightworker and empath, you have to learn to stop giving your light away in an old-fashioned way while the darkness was prevailing on our planet. Times have changed. What used to work is no longer valid. We have to adapt and evolve.

How You Give Your Light Away

In the old ways, whenever we experienced an extra spike of light or energy, we’d feel almost a pressure to give it away. A common example is this; you feel good because you’ve realized something that has shifted your energy. Or you had been working on your inner healing. And then, a family member, friend, or someone you’ve just met comes to your mind. And you feel an intense urge to give your light away to them. Something is telling you to check on them. Or you “accidentally” run into them. Or you just keep thinking about them. Note that the intense urge to check on someone you think needs your help has different causes. Not all of them are as light and pure as it may appear.

You act on the impulse to contact someone, or you can’t get them out of your mind, and without realizing it, you give your light away. Your own light quotient goes down, and it feels like you went back into lower vibrational thinking. When you had felt the spike of positive energy and light, you had an opportunity to speed up your vibration if you had continued significantly. But the positive chain of energy got interrupted. And you have to start building it up from scratch again.

You’re Not a Discounted Shop

Now, I want to make something clear here. Lightworkers and starseeds are here to help others also through their own spiritual energy. But this is done completely differently than in the example above. In this case, you give it away in the wrong places. And actually, it prevents you from finding ease with your light and having the capacity to share your light with even more people.

This is exactly what keeps a lightworker and empath in a lower vibrational state of being. In 9 cases out of 10, it’s your ego giving you the impulse to give your light away to someone. This way, it can keep you stuck in a vicious cycle where you seemingly move back and forth over and over again without making a significant breakthrough.

Instead, you should get comfortable with holding the light for yourself first. And then, when it gets strong enough within you, you can let it overflow to others. Now, your inner light impacts far more people than ever before, and it doesn’t feel like you’re laboring their energy through your system. This is what will help you get from the lower voltage cycles of energy.

Remember that you’re not a discounted shop. Whenever you feel an inner urge telling you that you have to save someone, check your true intention before acting. You’re the steward of your spiritual energy, and one of the lessons is to learn where and to whom (and why) you share it with others. Some people have soul contracts with you to help them to awaken to their true power. In contrast, there are others whose soul contract is to “test” your spiritual maturity.

I do realize that this is a deep topic that would deserve much more space and depth. However, I’ve wanted to bring awareness to what you might be doing unconsciously and let you know that sharing your light with others doesn’t have to feel heavy, overwhelming, depleting, or like an obligation. It takes time and working with your soul wounds to arrive at such a place where you do everything with joy, ease, and as an extension of your true essence. If you feel called to flip the scales for you, then you’ll find all the support, guidance, and soul healing within the Lightworker Healing.

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