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How to Break the Spell of Living below Your Potential

Living below your potential is like a slow death. You know that you’re capable of much more, but somehow, you always choose to limit your potential. A part of you is still waiting to fulfill your dreams and live fully. And yet, the other part is afraid of it and of who you could become. At one point, you make a shift, and a moment later, you sabotage it because you’re afraid that you’ve become too much.


An Energy Barrier of Living Below Your Potential

I can’t ever shake off the memory of living below my potential. To me, this is one of the worst feelings. As you may have read in my memoir, when I was a child, I was looking at people and wondering why they didn’t choose to expand their lives. Why did they choose the same things which only led to the same results. And until my early 20s, I was also living below my potential because I’ve noticed that it made other people uncomfortable when I was myself. It seemed that people liked me when I was uplifting them but never shining too much myself. Others felt comfortable when I was suppressing myself. So, just like anyone else, I had learned to live below my potential. It became the norm. Yet, in my case, it was a conscious choice to stay safe and invisible. Although, as for any lightworker, it never quite works out.


Are you living within your energy barrier?


When you live below your potential, you train your energy body to stay restricted. Over time you create an energy barrier unconsciously, and it feels unsafe to expand beyond it. When you’re born, your energy is infinitely expanded. You don’t yet learn to restrict yourself. But later, you copy your family’s energy design and start to cut off your energy and awareness from the places they’re not willing to go. This is a survival instinct. However, when we become adults, we no longer need to fit in. We can allow ourselves to grow beyond.

When you live below your potential, you’re operating within the energy barrier. Every time you reach its outer boundary, it sends you right back to where you “belong” to ensure you never outgrow the energy of your family. If you live below your potential, you don’t experience the fullness of your true self. This is a “no go” zone for you.

And yet, if you’re reading my blog, you’re a game-changer, a visionary, and a lightworker. You’re here to go beyond and to embody your soul and create your own magic. I know that living below your potential doesn’t make you happy. In fact, it makes you feel frustrated. You can always choose something different, knowing that any challenges that come up are just a natural side effect of shifting into a higher frequency.

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The Truth about Your Highest Potential

The ego likes to think in extremes. You’re either living below your potential. Or you’re living your highest potential. This can make us believe that we’ve failed if our lives miraculously don’t shift overnight.


It’s better to think about your potential as energy – a field of resonance between you (the blend of human and soul self) and your true essence (the way you were created).


Although we all use the term highest potential, there is NOT such a thing. There is no ultimate goal or destination to achieve. I know that we like to think that we’re out of here when we get enlightened, and we go to heaven. This is one of the illusions that disempowers people. Enlightenment is simply the beginning of a much greater journey. We’re all work in process and yet perfect the way we were created.

It’s about aligning ourselves with the path of our highest potential. The path is a crucial word here. When you align with your highest potential energy, you’re living in your highest timeline that is available to you at this very moment resulting from your choices. Yet, the highest potential path is forever changing because it’s an expression of our infinitely rich essence.

Every time you choose something, more timelines open up for you. Some of them are slow (the energy is denser), which means you still have to master some lessons along the way. Others are faster because you make choices aligned with who you are and reach your goal faster. But there is always the next level. And then the next one. It’s never a finite journey.


How to Stop Living Below Your Potential

You’re here to expand and create. There is no reason to live below your potential. The biggest breakthrough comes when you realize that living below your potential leads you to walk in circles. There is no new energy being generated in your life. So, essentially, it’s a waste of time. When you live below your potential, you won’t make anyone feel happier or accept you. You can’t choose for other people.

If you live below your potential because of toxic and envious people in your life, realize that you can’t make them less toxic or less envious by choosing to be less. When people envy you, they want you to become less because that’s how they operate themselves. But by limiting yourself, you can’t heal them, and neither can you change them.

When you live below your potential, you’re trying to fit in somewhere you don’t belong. The way to change it is by giving yourself permission to be your best self – not for others but yourself. Your life is sacred, and it’s between you and your soul. Aren’t you curious about what you could create if you embraced who you are? Wouldn’t it be exciting to take opportunities in life?

You’re the only person who can know if you live below your potential. Even if you’re successful, you can still be hiding from your potential. Use the feeling of living below your potential as an indicator and then choose to expand. Do what you actually want to do instead of approaching life indirectly. Lightworkers and starseeds tend to play a game of hiding who they are and think that they can change the course of their lives in a heartbeat. Although you certainly can change it, it might take longer than you think. Start already now. There is nothing to wait for.


How to Use Living below Your Potential to Motivate You

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