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Unconventional Tool to Stop Negative Thoughts Instantly

How to stop negative thoughts and regain clarity of your mind? Our negative thoughts are rarely true. About 99% don’t even belong to us. Yet everyone sometimes struggles with the train of unpleasant thoughts that can impact every area of life.

Most of Your Thoughts Are Illusions

In the previous article, I explained that the majority of our beliefs originate from the subconscious mind, which has been imprinted by external factors. Besides the subconscious, we can also receive thoughts from our environment – from other people, the collective unconscious, lower 4D thought-forms that are floating in the ether. Another portion of our thoughts is downloaded from the higher self or any other higher beings who assist us on our journey.


Our thoughts don’t belong to us.


The mind is a flawless capturing and organizing device of mental energy. But your thoughts aren’t yours. And when you truly grasp it, you realize that you don’t have to let negative thoughts to impact you. It’s only a clutter in your mind that wasn’t organized and interpreted correctly.

Untrained mind believes in illusions instead of recognizing the true nature of reality. To some extent, from our human level of consciousness, we can’t see the truth. But we’ve been given something that can organize our thoughts for us and help us see through illusions.

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts

To stop negative thoughts and to purify your mind by returning it to its original function, you can use one unconventional tool I’m going to share with you. At first, it may sound simple, and ego can doubt whether it works. But as with anything else, please, try it for yourself, and then the results will show you if this tool is for you.

Meet the Thought Adjuster

At a certain point in the soul’s evolution, a Thought Adjuster is bestowed upon the mind. This is the beginning of the journey out of dualistic thinking, which brings us painful thoughts that shape our reality.

You can think of the Thought Adjuster as a function of your mind that helps you reinterpret every single of your thoughts and beliefs. Consequently, you start seeing through your illusions and the illusions of others, and you learn to recognize the truth. Seeing the truth returns the mind back to its purity and makes it work to your advantage.

You can also think of the Thought Adjuster as the third facet (expression) of God, the Creator. Therefore, the Thought Adjuster is universal, and it helps us on our ascension journey not to get stuck in the world of duality. We don’t have to figure out the truth; we can ask it to be revealed to us.

The Thought Adjuster takes every one of your thoughts and returns it to the truth.

If you wonder how to stop negative thoughts, then Thought Adjuster is your answer. However, it’s not the only way. Exploring your subconscious mind and understanding the lessons of your beliefs can be one of the greatest teaching tools.

Another way to stop negative thoughts is to uncover the root cause of your beliefs. Then by applying some energy technique, inner child work, or working with your higher self, you can reprogram your mind entirely.

Surrender Your Negative Thoughts

If you choose to work with the Thought Adjuster, a couple of things you should know. First, there is no harm, no risk, no negative side effect of realigning your mind with the Thought Adjuster. In reality, this is a natural way for the mind to be. By working with the Thought Adjuster, you help your mind to align with the universal mind gradually. Thus you don’t have to worry about doing it wrong. There is no wrong way to do it—your intention matters above all.

Second, it can, however, happen that your ego might not like it. Because working with the Thought Adjuster, shrinks the playground for the ego. However, this is NOT the motive of the Thought Adjuster. The Spirit of Pure Mind understands the ego, but it doesn’t recognize it as real. And thus, it can stop negative thoughts by simply returning them to the truth. It’s natural to feel some degree of inner resistance, but don’t sabotage yourself because of fear.

Third, you have to work with the Thought Adjuster CONSCIOUSLY. Since you have free will, the Spirit will let you stay caught up in the web of your creations as long as you want to. Thought Adjuster is always available to you, but you have to work with it actively. Thought by thought. Belief by belief.

Surrender your negative thoughts over to Thought Adjuster.

To stop your negative thoughts, you have to surrender them to the Thought Adjuster. This is an act of your free will, and then the Spirit will do the rest of the work. As a result, you’ll experience a shift in your thinking. Release one thought after another to Thought Adjuster and ask him to show you love and truth. Thus that which is false will fall away from the belief, and the rest will be reorganized, so it reflects the real reality. Suddenly your thought has been purified. And you experience a sense of lightness and relief around the topic that had been bothering you.

In the next article, I’ll be sharing with you a guided meditation to help you work with the Thought Adjuster. You can listen to it every morning or use it when you’re unsure how to stop negative thoughts in your head.

Watch the video where I explain the function of Thought Adjuster

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