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Scared to Level Up Your Life? Read This Now.

The resistance to level up your life comes at the worst of moments. When things go well, or we’re close to a breakthrough, the inner saboteur takes over and overshadows our thoughts. Most of the time, we don’t realize that it’s our fear that creates apparent challenges, and we blame it on bad luck or other things out of our control.

Resistance to Level Up Your Life

When the soul calls you to level up your life, the subconscious mind sends an alert to your system that you’re going into a new higher-vibratory space. For the ego, this is a difficult pill to swallow. Since it wants you to stay right there where you are.


One of our worst fears is the fear of meeting our true self.


Our ego does anything to direct our look away from our true essence. Why? Because when we meet our essence, the ego will start dissolving. Thus its existence depends on us not stepping into our soul’s power.

Therefore, we project our fear of the next version of self on the outside. Since the subconscious mind does its best job to protect us from potential failure, it wants us to look away from what is actually happening and create outside turmoil. As we now start to focus on one obstacle after another, we go back into the negative spin and back in our comfort zone.

The ego uses the subconscious fear of becoming a higher version of self and projects it outside of ourselves. When you’re about to level up your life, you may unconsciously start creating these projections:

  • Creating arguments, looking for flaws in others.
  • Talking about the possibility of creating something new in our lives with the wrong people. Thus welcoming their energies into our lives.
  • Outsourcing our decisions to others.
  • Unconsciously manifesting accidents.
  • Escaping into the digital world, watching movies, or chatting with friends when we know that we should take action towards our dreams.
  • Overspending or mishandling finances.
  • Not feeling “like it.” Thus not taking enough action in the right direction to create positive momentum.
  • We stop to meditate or do sport. And on the other hand, we begin to ignore our feelings or don’t continue in inner healing – which is crucial at this point.

As you can see, the ego takes the energy surge, and potential created by the soul and directs it harmfully against the soul’s guidance. Thus you turn the potentiality of becoming a better self against yourself. Then you lack the necessary energy, focus, and space to level up your life. I’ve discussed the same principle in the video related to the fear of our potential.

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The Call of the Soul

We’re always connected with our soul and higher self. However, we’ve all fell asleep during the time here on Earth. We’ve disconnected from our soul and our true essence. During the spiritual awakening process, the soul starts awakening in the body.

Suddenly we don’t have only the human self. But it’s starts merging with the spiritual self. This is the path of embodiment that stands in the heart of the Lightworker Healing.

Since the moment of your awakening, your soul keeps pulling you upward. Guiding you to a better understanding of self and to higher consciousness. When you’re about to level up your life, your soul is the driving force behind that pull to something higher and better in your life.

The resistance to level up your life is a resistance to the call of your soul.


So, what is actually happening when you’re to level up yourself is that you’re taking another leap toward your true essence. The resistance that comes up is the resistance to your soul and higher self.

Time to Level Up Your Life?

The soul comes knocking at your door slightly. First, you see and feel the beautiful visions of what would be possible in your life. If only you believed. Before you fall asleep, you can see another version of your radiate and joyful self.

Your outside reality may be light years from it, but still, these visions keep coming back once again. Until the day, you realize what if it was possible for me? What if I’m not too old yet? Maybe it’s not too late. Perhaps I can accept my past mistakes, and instead of letting them drag me into the past, I create something new.

And this is where the magic happens. You’re guided by force higher than you toward your purpose. You’re about to level up your life and change your future history. And this is the moment when you should be super-mindful of what is rising within your mind and heart.

You’re just standing at the door to another dimension of your unlimited potential. This is the sacred and fragile time of birthing our dreams into reality.


And the unspoken questions flood your mind:

Who am I going to become?
Can it actually work out for me?
Will some people leave me if I change?
Can I trust that this is truly the right choice?
Am I ready to do what it takes?


One after another, doubts enter. This is inevitable. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be growth. But the outcome depends ONLY on how you handle this sensitive space in-between. If the dream comes from your heart (not your ego), then it IS possible for you. This is not in question. But do you believe it? Will you develop the unshakable faith in self and universe to support you?

When you’re to level up your life, you need to work with your mindset every day. The subconscious mind, as you can read in the book Become the CEO of Your Mind, needs to rewire its outdated circuits. It takes commitment and also enough energy to rewrite old records.


The second step to level up your life, which can instantly change your mindset, is to make an energetic upgrade. You need big enough energy surge to disconnect from the old templates of your subconscious mind and plug yourself into a higher level of consciousness. This leads to quantum leaps.

How does it look like?

When you know in your heart that there is something you want to be your reality, you take action that expands your current reality. An example could be, knowing that a healing program would help you to become a better version of yourself, but its price is what you would normally say ‘no’ to. And you’d go back to your comfort zone. But if you make the investment, already at the moment of paying the amount, you energetically level up your life. Because you send out the message to your system that you’re ready for a bigger game now.

Do I say that you should go and spend money mindlessly? Definitely not. But when you just KNOW it’s the right thing for you to invest in and you let your fear to talk you out from it, you’re subconsciously saying, “It’s alright. I actually don’t feel ready for more. Thank you, the universe, for showing me the next step (not the final step!) to my dream, but I’m too scared. Try to come around with the same invitation in 10 years.”

This is what we do. We only postpone what is real for us by talking ourselves out from what we know would bring us to where we want to be. The thing, the dream, the vision, will come back to you when you feel more ready to embrace it. But meanwhile, time will pass. This is why we feel we’re wasting time because we say ‘no’ in the wrong places.

When you say ‘yes’ to something that feels scary, but it’s the right thing for you, you immediately level up your life. And then your mind will have to catch up. Instead of letting the mind to keep you low and safe in the place you no longer belong.

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