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Stop Waiting to Be Chosen and Claim Your Reality

You can have what you want if you stop waiting to be chosen. I know that you may argue that this isn’t your case, but aren’t we all secretly waiting for a miracle or someone to save us?

The ways we’re waiting to be chosen can be well hidden, and we don’t even realize that we may be postponing our lives and happiness. Especially people on their spiritual paths, don’t always stand in their power. They want to connect with the divine while letting the rest flow. But, we need both – we need to be fully human and fully divine.

You and I need to be aligned with our highest self while also standing right in the center of our power to allow the spiritual energy flow into our lives. This is the path of embodying the soul that I often teach about.


Why Are We Waiting to Be Chosen?

One of the unconscious beliefs shared by the whole of humanity is that there will be someone or something that will save us. Although there have been ascended masters who have shown us the way, we have to save ourselves. They all have taught us that we have everything we need already within us if we chose to recognize it and work with it.

The ego makes us believe that we have to wait. It tells us that we’re not pure or worthy enough to receive love or abundance. Instead, the ego lies to us that we should wait to be chosen, ideally, until the rest of life.

As I explain in my book Become the Ceo of Your Mind, the ego’s ideas propel our steps toward something unreachable. We forever wait. It’s like the carrot on the end of the stick.

Simply, the belief that someone will come and save us and put “the crown on our head” is ingrained in us since ancient times.

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How to Know If You’re Waiting to Be Chosen?

When you’re waiting to be chosen, you feel like joy is escaping your veins. You find yourself easily irritated and stressed. Some people go into a full working mode to numb this feeling while others feel paralyzed to do anything.

Waiting to be chosen costs you a lot of mental energy because you constantly give your power away. Instead of asking for a promotion at work, you’re waiting for them to notice your hard work. You don’t give yourself permission to follow your business idea that you’ve had for years.

Another key sign of waiting to be chosen is postponing acting on things that matter to you. And it can be anything from reaching out to the person you love and fully committing yourself. To believing that you have to do tons of hard work before you’re worthy of the results.

Examples of how you may be waiting to be chosen:

  • You don’t say what you need and what you mean. Instead, you let your friends or family choose for you.
  • In the moments when you should speak up, you don’t because you’re afraid of potential conflict.
  • If you have a business or career, you play it safe. You move through the motions and safe waters, even though your soul is calling you uplevel.
  • In conversations, you often belittle yourself and dismiss your achievements.
  • You often complain and “create spells” on you by turning everything against yourself with the power of your words.
  • When an opportunity comes along, you don’t feel ready and run away from it.
  • If someone is flattering you, you let it get into your head or change your behavior.

How to Stop Waiting to Be Chosen?

The first step to stop waiting to be chosen is to realize that you’re doing it. Sometimes, this habit can go completely unspotted. Especially when you’re working hard or keeping yourself busy, and it seems like you’re going after your goals.

But sometimes, being busy doesn’t mean that you do the right things. We can find our comfort zone in distracting ourselves from what is true for us with work.

The second step to stop waiting to be chosen is to connect with your inner power. In my workshops, I teach a lot about stepping into our soul’s power. I could write books on this topic because it has undoubtedly been one of my greatest teachers.

In our world, we need people aligned with their true power – not the fake power originating in ego. There are beautiful things to be born through you. When you hold yourself back from doing them, you deprive yourself of fulfillment.

We’re here to align with what is real to us. Not to follow someone else’s path. And for that, you need to stop waiting to be chosen.

You’re here to claim your path and claim your place at the table.

At some point in your life, you’ll face the decision to take the convenient path like everyone else or to resurrect yourself and create a life that reflects you.

You don’t need permission from anyone to follow your truth because only you can hear the whispers of your higher self. Only you know what is in your heart and only you can see the beautiful visions of your potential life journey.

It’s never late to start over again. As long as the heart beats, there is a purpose waiting to be accomplished through us. And for that, you have to believe in yourself. You have to follow what makes sense to you, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. This is the path of self-mastery.

What are the areas of your life where you’re waiting to be chosen?

How can you take your power back?

Is there something you want to do but you hold yourself back?

How could you support yourself in following your dreams?

Your soul is pulsating in your body. Feel it. Connect to it. Become fully alive. Go after your dreams. Be courageous. Take the right steps. Knock on the doors. You don’t need to wait for anything. It’s time to let go of this ancient belief and claim your reality completely.

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