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How to Make the Best Decision For Yourself Every Single Time

Have you ever wondered how to make the best decision for yourself? I’ve certainly doubted myself in my past. Sometimes, making decisions for yourself can be tricky, and you may even feel paralyzed for a long time.

No More Space for Doubts

The reason why you sometimes don’t know how to make the best decision for yourself is that the mind gets too involved. The main purpose of our minds is to sort out past information and help us stay within our comfort zone.

However, there is NO way for the mind to know what the best decision is. It can just ASSUME, based on our past experience.

The more we analyze, the more doubts we welcome into the mind.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this – you have 2 or more options, and you’re afraid that you don’t know how to make the best decision for yourself. Hence, you ask your family and friends. You talk over and over about THAT thing.

You think about it constantly, or you try to postpone making the decision to the future. So, now you don’t have to deal with making the best decision for yourself.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

We’ve all been there. But.

  • Other people CANNOT know what the best decision for you is. They either give you advice based on THEIR experience. Or those more evolved will try to come with an objectively best decision for you. But, not even they can truly know where YOUR soul is guiding YOU.
  • Overanalyzing will only lead to more doubts. The mind will do anything in its powers to keep you in the familiar waters. So, if you’re about to go to the next level, your mind will tell you that it’s not the right time. You don’t have enough time or money. And it’ll surely tell you that it can’t work out.

The more you hesitate, the more time you allow your mind to look for excuses not to act on what you already deep within know is the best for you.


How to Make the Best Decision for Yourself

There is a part of you that ALREADY knows what is best for you. For this part of you, any decision is a no-brainer.

The wise part of you isn’t concerned with your fears. It doesn’t see limitations because it can clearly see that when you take that leap, all you need WILL be provided to you.

The thing when it comes to making the best decisions for yourself is that you already KNOW what you want. You know the truth. But your mind thinks that it’s too dangerous for you to act on it, so it creates the inner conflict in you that makes you doubt yourself.

What I’m going to share with you may sound simple, but it WILL teach you how to make the best decision for you no matter how complicated that issue may look like.

The key to making the best decisions for yourself is to connect with your higher consciousness that already knows the answer.

The seat of the higher consciousness can be accessed either through an enlightened mind OR through your higher heart – the awakened heart chakra.

While making the best decisions for yourself, you have to attune yourself to the frequency of your spiritual heart.

Attuning into the frequency of your spiritual heart takes some practice. But it’ll bypass your doubts and mind because it will allow you to see the truth. When you know the truth, you don’t need to analyze, doubt, create problems.

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