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How to Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Shifting Timelines

Many people make the same mistake when shifting timelines and stepping into a different version of themselves. When things are going well, we activate the quantum energy; most people give up. But there is a design to shifting timelines. You always follow the same outline, no matter how big or small changes you want to create. In this article, I want to highlight four mistakes people make when shifting timelines and how to avoid them.


What Does Shifting Timelines Mean?

Shifting timelines is about stepping through the portal to the next level of you, the next level of impact, health, love, prosperity – anything your heart desires. In contrast to moving logically and chronologically, you can create significant changes in a minimum of time when shifting timelines. For instance, you decide to heal your body and step into a reality where it has already happened. You find a job of your dreams all of a sudden. Or you decide you’re ready to improve your relationship, which dramatically improves within a few days. Perhaps you start a new hobby and become professional in an amount of time that shouldn’t be possible.

There are many examples of shifting timelines. They have in common that they change the concept of who you are. As you shift timelines, you no longer define yourself as someone who can’t do it. Instead, you know you’re capable of what you dreamt of. This changed self-concept reflects in your reality within minutes, days, or a couple of weeks. Thus, something that would have taken a long period to master happens almost instantly.

Likely, you’ve experienced shifting timelines multiple times. We all do it; however, when the difference between one timeline to another is relatively small, we don’t notice it. Therefore, many successful people challenge themselves by creating results that defy logic. However, moving slowly or practicing shifting timelines consciously is a matter of what’s best for you at any given moment.


You decide the speed and the sequence of events in your life.


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The 4 Most Common Mistakes When Shifting Timelines

When shifting timelines, you activate this quantum energy in your life, and things move very quickly in the right direction. Suddenly, you are experiencing a beautiful flow in your life. Things manifest very quickly, and you can suddenly shift from a different reality to a completely new one. Things happen so fast, and it’s usually positive.

When shifting timelines, we activate a quantum energy that connects us to our higher self. And when you activate your higher self, you also activate your lower simultaneously. There is always the duality happening, which is a natural occurrence. What it means is that first, you experience a few moments when things are going well, and then suddenly, you experience some challenges, which can be internal or external.

Internal limitations may include self-sabotage, doubting yourself, and going into the old conditioning, which may get strong when shifting timelines. An external limitation is something out of our control when a family member falls sick, and you need to care for them. As I mentioned in my previous articles on shifting timelines, the highs and lows always happen. It’s a part of the mechanics of shifting timelines.


The question, however, is how will we respond to this duality. Do we drop the momentum and return to the old version of ourselves? Or do we continue shifting timelines, working on our beliefs, and facing the challenges to become the person who can hold it all?

1. Dropping the Power

The first mistake when shifting timelines is to drop your personal power when challenges arise. And they will – it’s a part of duality, remember. To put it simply, most people freak out when challenges happen. It takes them out of balance, and some people take it as a sign that what they’re manifesting isn’t meant to be. But this is the place to refine your inner diamond. It’s the space to master shifting timelines because if you can hold it energetically, you’ll never return to the old self.


It’s actually a positive sign when those challenges happen. It means you’re shifting timelines.


The Flip

Instead of dropping the ball when challenges occur, consider them an invitation to release some limitations. Let’s say you’re shifting timelines and suddenly face a strong wave of self-doubt. Your subconscious mind tells you you haven’t cleared this garbage from your internal hard drive. Now, this is the moment to discover the root of the self-doubt, release it, and rewrite the conditioning.

As you’re working with the limitation, stay in your power. You can see different solutions from there when you can stay in the center of all the mess and the limitations. Take the situation as a part of the shifting timelines process. You do what you have to do to take care of the challenge while not abandoning yourself and your dream. Do something to stay connected to yourself, and don’t lose faith. Stay in your power and keep moving in the direction of your dream.

Maybe in the situation, you have to develop an aspect of yourself that can handle those types of cases, or it was a sign that you still have to wait for a while. To be a leader, you must learn to handle any situation, not only the positive ones.


2. Letting Go

Another thing when shifting timelines to keep in mind is that you’ll be invited to release something. We need to let go of a pattern and an old identity.


What do you need to release? What is this challenge inviting you to let go of?

 What must I release from my life to go to this next level? 


Maybe it’s time to release some unhelpful beliefs or certain emotions. It could be even physical objects in your home or specific people. It can be genuinely anything. The next level of you – the one to which you’re shifting timelines – doesn’t vibe at this lower frequency, so we must transmute it.


3. Integration

When shifting timelines, we need to integrate something that the Higher Self models for us. We integrate a new quality or skill or ground ourselves in a new level of consciousness. Thus, you approach the challenge as that next level of you, as that next version of you. You approach that challenge from the energy of who you are becoming, not who you were. So you act from the future energy of what you are inviting into your life, not from the past energy; this is very important.


How would your quantum self approach this situation? 



4. Shifting Timelines Creates New Solutions

When shifting timelines, we release the how while grounding ourselves in the energy of what we call in daily. There will be some solutions that need to happen that you don’t see yet. You cannot see it from that current timeline. Even though you don’t know how it will happen, you shift yourself, and when you are in that quantum energy, those solutions will become visible.


You move first, you embody the energy first, and you approach those situations as a leader, as a person who is connected to their power in all situations.


And when you do so, suddenly, as a miracle, people who will support you will pop up. You will call in your allies and manifest beautiful opportunities and situations. Everything will support you, but you have to move first. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t see the how yet. You move energetically. You stay in your power, and the how will become apparent because you must unlock new solutions on a different timeline.


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