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7 Key Principles of How to Receive Answers from the Universe

Have you ever wondered how to receive answers from the universe? It’s simple to assume that once we get the correct answers, we make the right choices leading to the life we desire. I’ve heard many people tell me that if they knew what the right thing to do was, they would have done it, and their lives would have changed. Although I don’t believe in those quick fixes and magic pills, I agree that being connected with the universe is essential. So, let’s dive into seven principles to master when receiving answers from the universe.

When Connecting to the Universe, Who Are You Talking To?

First things first. Who are you talking to when you’re receiving answers from the universe? And does it even matter? Yes, it does matter—more than you might first think. The universe is a generic term that contains many different life forms on all the spectrum of consciousness. In other words, it does matter who you’re talking to. More on that later.

When people talk about the universe in this context, they actually refer to their higher selves. It’s your higher self that is sending you the answers and guiding you through your life. Also, when you channel higher dimensional beings, the chances are that the answers come through your higher self to you.

When you talk to the universe, you converse with your higher self.

The higher self overlooks the development of your soul and your human self. It’s your higher dimensional form that can read the 3D reality with more precision. The higher self also knows your life purpose and what you should focus on in your life. Therefore, it constantly sends you messages in the forms of feelings, thoughts, body sensations, dreams, visions, and so on to guide you. And it will significantly enhance your life if you make the connection with your higher self conscious.

Also, I’d like to clarify that seeing synchronicity is different from receiving guidance from the higher self. When you see synchronicity, you’ve aligned with the universe’s quantum biofeedback, which we can call the Universal Mind. It’s impersonal, and yet it’s a sign for you that you’re on the right track. Experiencing synchronicity should be normal when we’re aligned with our internal guidance. Just like Mother Gaia guides the animals to migrate south with the turn of colder weather, so does the Universal Mind guide us. When there is no discordant energy, we’re fully tapped into the Universal Mind and blessed with an abundance of synchronicity and (almost) instant manifestations.

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How to Receive Answers from The Universe

Receiving answers from the universe is simple. Most likely, you can recall several cases when you’ve asked for guidance, and then you instantly knew. The beautiful thing with instant knowing is that there are no doubts. On the other hand, it’s easy to dismiss the gift of claircognizance because it doesn’t feel it has come from the outside. So, the question is more how can you fine-tune your ability to receive guidance.

1. Check Your Energy

The first principle of how to receive the answers from the universe is to check your energy. The energy you ask from determines the energy you connect to. This step might be easily overlooked or rushed through, but it’s essential. If you feel distressed about a situation and demand answers, you won’t get any, or your ego will answer. The thing when receiving answers from the universe is that you want to make sure it’s not your ego (or worse) talking to you. You can most likely get some insight, but it’ll create more misalignment if you follow it.

Before we continue, I invite you to recall the moments when you’ve been strongly guided. What energy did you feel in your body? This is exactly the energetic state of receptivity and allowing to be in when receiving answers from the universe. There is no sense of urgency, demand, fear, stress, or despair. Your energy is calm, centered and you aren’t dependent on the answer.

2. Check Your Intention

Another principle of receiving answers from the universe is to check your intention. This is a place to be super honest with yourself. And when you think you’re honest, go still deeper into your heart and soul. What is the actual reason you are asking for the guidance? How and why do you think the answer will benefit your life? Again, this greatly determines what is going to give you the answer. Wrong intentions connect us to wrong places, like the ego or the lower 4D.

A good type of intention is a desire to enhance your spiritual growth. Not because you hate where you are. Neither because you believe something is wrong with you and it needs to be fixed. But because your soul wants to expand and grow naturally. Because expansion is a part of who you are, and you’re coming from a place of love and knowing that you’re already worthy the way you are.

3. What Is Your Question?

Another tenet of receiving answers from the universe is to be clear on your questions. You’re guiding the flow of the energy here. Therefore it’s beneficial to have a good idea about what it is you want to know. The right questions come from the right energy and intention (steps 1 and 2).

Also, the deeper your question is, the more sophisticated and life-changing answers from the universe you’ll receive. By the quality of the question, the higher self or other beings you’re talking to know how mature you are. Also, if the questions are limiting, the guidance isn’t too practical or helpful.

4. Who Are You Talking To?

The fourth principle of receiving answers from the universe is to be clear on who you are talking to. Do you wish to connect with your soul? Your higher self? Or do you want to speak with some light beings, ascended masters, angels, archangels, or God? Before you begin, make it clear who you’re talking to and why you believe that being is the most suitable to answer your question.

The universe is a multilayered, multifaceted, multidimensional consciousness. There are all kinds of beings, and they’ll also give you different answers. Knowing who to talk to comes with practice. A good place to start is to strengthen the communication channel between you and your higher self.

5. Allowing

The next step in receiving guidance from the universe is to shift yourself into a space of allowing. Allowing is a feminine state of being in which you move your active human self to the background. When you allow, you’re in a state of receiving instead of exerting your energy outward. You let the guidance from the universe come in instead of pushing your energy field outward (although ideally, your aura is expanded). You can practice allowing until you get good at it, and you can do it anytime, anywhere.

6.”Listen Outward”

The sixth principle of receiving answers from the universe is to “listen outward.” Instead of searching for the answers or actively using your mind, you listen to the guidance that you’re allowing (step 5) to come in. There is a difference between thinking the answers with your mind and allowing guidance to come to your mind. It feels like you’re listening outward. Outside of your physical mind and body. You pick on the consciousness, frequency, images coming to you. Of course, it’s your body, energy, and the mind interpreting it, but if you’re attentive, you notice the guidance doesn’t originate in your mind. A mind is a tool for receiving and transmitting frequency.

7. How Does It Make You Feel?

And the last step of receiving answers from the universe is to see how the guidance makes you feel. If the previous steps are done correctly – especially if you’re in the right energetic state – the answers should feel good. The beautiful thing about receiving truth is that truth instantly destroys illusions. It creates space. Truth makes us feel more energized, spacious, clear, and aligned.

If you don’t feel that way after receiving guidance from the universe, it might be because you haven’t found clarity yet. You can improve your questions and continue. Or it can also be because the answer that came in isn’t it. There can be many reasons for receiving false information. The number one reason is if you didn’t take the time to master the first two steps. The number two reason is that your mind isn’t open. It wants to hear certain things while blocking out the truth because it doesn’t fit in with the complex theories of the mind. If that is the case, then it’s good to look at your beliefs about the topic of your question.

How To Receive Answers from The Universe

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