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How Accepting You Are Divine Can Change Your Life

How does it make you feel when I say you are divine? How does it feel in your body? Does your body clench, or does it expand? We’ve all heard that we’re divine, and yet when we look at our lives, it might feel far from it. It might not be easy to reconcile your divinity with your humanity. But this is exactly one of our collective spiritual assignments for this Age of Light.

What Does It Mean That You’Re Divine?

You are divine, and you’ve always been. There is nothing you can do to change this fact. But certainly, we’ve put up walls of separation between our human self and our infinite essence. As a result, we feel everything but divine. Many years ago, if someone told me, ‘You’re divine,’ it’d feel like an empty sentence. It’d feel like one of those cliches like, ‘All is well.’ But now, ‘You’re divine,’ are not empty words for me. Now I can feel their truth in every cell of my body and soul. And I know how liberating and humbling it is to realize that you’re divine.

You’re divine means that there is a divine part of you emerging from the Infinite Spirit who has birthed your essence. This part of you exists beyond the time and space dimensions. It dwells in eternity. Your human choices and actions have never impacted your purest essence.

One can think about it as a deposit in a bank. When you put some of your money into your savings account and never touch them, it stays there. If you never use those savings, it’s still there. Your actions and choices don’t impact the abundance you have in your bank account. And, the good news is that this bank of pure consciousness never ceases to exist. So you can feel its safety and even channel its nurturing energy down to your human self.

You’re divine doesn’t mean you’re God. But it means that your eternal essence is one with the Source. It contains a blueprint of the sacred consciousness that creates the universes. So, although you’re a figure in the game of life currently experiencing itself on the planet we call Earth, you’re also the one beyond the creations of time and matter observing yourself.

From one perspective, you’re a director of the movie of your life. And you’re the main star. Both are true. Both exist simultaneously. Therefore, you can also connect to that part of you that is divine. Because the divine part of you exists, right now as you read these words. All that is needed is to go to your heart and open yourself up to feeling it. Even if you don’t know yet how it feels that you’re divine, you can be willing and open to experiencing it one day when you feel ready.

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Divinity And Deserving

When you realize you are divine, you understand that many ideas you hold are more like holograms than truths. A widespread example is a belief that you have to be (almost) perfect or significantly better to deserve something. Here is the truth, though. If you struggle to receive something in your life, it’s not a sign that you’re not worthy of it. It’ll likely feel like you’re not worthy of it. And this false belief alone would require deep soul healing. But know that you are worthy of it. Always.

Yet, as we’ve disconnected from our divinity and, as a result, stopped understanding who we truly are, we created beliefs that there is something inherently wrong with us that we need to fix. This is one of the deepest wounds shared by whole humankind. But from the perspective of your higher self, it’s not about deserving. This has never been in question. However, we all believe this illusion to some extent.

The truth is that you deserve to experience the full expression of yourself. Your soul is calling you to share your truest self with others. This is where the deepest fulfillment comes from. And it is not a matter of deserving it. And yet, we’re here to grow and evolve. Being inherently worthy of our soul’s deepest yearning doesn’t mean we’re here to watch the TV and do nothing. As with everything, the polarity between the feminine and masculine works in our relationship to ourselves too. One doesn’t exclude the other.

When you remember that you are divine, it helps you to create from a place of joy. Instead of pushing yourself into doing things because you want to unconsciously run away from a feeling that something is wrong with you, your creations become an extension of you. When you accept that you are divine, you don’t have to do anything to prove yourself. And thus, a whole multi-universe of new possibilities opens up.

When you know you’re divine, there is no struggle, comparison, pushing, proving, controlling, and manipulating. And yet, there are even more creations that carry more truthful frequencies and can bless other people’s hearts. Accepting you are divine sets you right. It’s like plugging back into your true self and being rooted in the center of your body so that nothing pulls you in the wrong direction. When you know you are divine, you feel liberated. You’re liberated from the endless games of the ego. It doesn’t mean that the ego disappears. It means you can recognize it and thus create a space to pause and then act differently.

But remember, it has never been a question of you deserving something. The Infinite Spirit that has created true essence has breathed all the divinity codes to your very core. So, what if, instead of using your energy to fight against who you are, you treated yourself as divine?

Divinity Connects You to Your Humanity

The fact you’re divine doesn’t mean that you should seclude yourself and live in a cave. Those times are gone. Now is the time to connect your divinity to your humanity. As humankind, we’re learning to understand that divinity includes everything. You can imagine divinity as an ever-present breath, energy, or a heartbeat that moves through everything visible and invisible. This divine energy moves through your cells, relationships, thoughts, choices, and home. It’s always there—ready for you to tap into it.

We don’t have to choose between being divine and human. We don’t have to split time between being spiritual and “normal.” For everything is one. Those labels have served us well. Now it’s time to reconcile those concepts in our hearts and see the things for what they are.

Practically speaking, we can practice bringing our divinity to our humanity. When you remember you are divine, you can greet the new day with joy and a smile. When you know you are divine, you don’t have to prove yourself to others. You can ask your higher self what the divine part in you desires to create in the morning and then let the energy lead your mind and hands.

How does your divine self want to be embodied in your life?
As a divine being, what struggles and situations can you drop from your life?
How can you treat yourself and others as divine?
How does the divine essence in you want to express itself through you?
What else would be possible in your life if you accepted that you are divine?

When you know you are divine, you welcome more kindness and compassion to your heart. For the first time, you truly become patient. Suddenly, there is more space. You recognize where people are on their journeys, and you feel genuine compassion, love, and joy.

That being said, accepting you are divine takes time. It’s not a matter of intellectually understanding your divinity. More so, it’s about embodiment. The path to reclaiming your divinity is about consciously choosing to step into that energy and bring it to everything you do. It’s not even about sitting on a meditation pillow. Rather it’s about learning and practicing to act from that consciousness day by day. A good starting point would be choosing one situation in your life and approach it from your divine essence. And then move on another. Remember, the journey is about embodiment.

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