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7 Curious Ways to Raise Your Frequency Quickly

When you raise your frequency, you tap into a new reality that resonates with the same vibration. This is one of the key principles of quantum shifting. Vibrationally speaking, any version of events is available to you, and it’s your frequency that determines what you’ll experience.


Raise Your Frequency to Meet the New You

As a multidimensional being, you vibrate at a vast spectrum of frequency. Usually, our consciousness can focus only on one range of vibration at a time. Unless you train yourself to become aware of more versions of you simultaneously. Every frequency represents a different course of the situation.

Let’s say that you’re working, and your most practiced frequency feels boring, uninspiring, and you just move through the motions. But then your inner guide tells you that you could also work differently. You raise your frequency, and it that instant, you align yourself with the version of you enjoying your work.

You realize that every task, job, and situation is your teacher. And above all – it mostly matters WHO you are in the situation. This new awareness gives you the power to CHOOSE to be a person who feels expansive and light while working. You prioritize your inner state over the details of the action. At that moment, you’ve just become a new version of you. But the question is, how you can sustain your higher frequency without bouncing back?


Whenever you raise your frequency, you meet a new version of you that shows you untapped dimensions of your multidimensional essence.


When you raise your frequency, your consciousness shifts to another array of your multidimensional essence. This new you is you as well. You can literally practice any version of yourself which you want to embody. However, the key, is to be able to hold the high frequency and continue higher from there and be in control of this process.

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Can You Escape Some Events Because You Raise Your Frequency?

In short, no. At least not in the way, we’d hope. Let me unravel this a little bit. As you may know, I work closely with my client’s souls, higher selves, and galactic selves in my Lightworker Healing school. And these higher and wiser versions of ourselves have shown to me that there are some key situations and relationships and even political, global events that we can’t escape.

Why? Because you’re not here, on Earth, on vacation. Although it would be a beautiful place to take one! We, each, came here with different purposes, but one of them remains the same:


Your higher self projects parts of itself known as a soul to grow and experience God and itself through your physical life.


Your soul has a perfectly preplanned curriculum for this life, and it will go through certain initiations and situations regardless. But with your free will, you can face those situations with a different attitude which shows how mature your being is. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, watch my YouTube video on life purpose and free will.


7 Ways to Raise Your Frequency


1. Claim Your Reality

One of the quickest ways to raise your frequency is to claim your reality. Basically, you’re claiming your timeline, your frequency, and thus your experience. When you claim your reality, it has to be done from the center of your inner power. There is no space for doubts. You know that you can choose any timeline, and you claim that which you want to experience.

At that moment, you shift your frequency, and therefore, you become a new – more enlightened – version of you. As your consciousness changes, you’ll see yourself with an empowered perspective – which will lead you to make different decisions that create a new reality.


2. Reconnect to Your Center

The sure way to raise your frequency and anchor it in your reality is to stay rooted in the center of your being. This is something that can be practiced. When you stay connected to your center, you control your frequency. You don’t let your energy merge just with any frequency surrounding you, but you connect to the frequency that comes from within your being.


3. What Matters to You?

Another tool to raise your frequency and keep it there is to reconnect to what truly matters to you. It can be your purpose, your why in your job, or relationship. Or the pure and innocent being you are deep within. Don’t let anything to entangle with your inner purity. Nothing is worth it.

Stay true to yourself. Your visions. The things and people that give you a sense of meaning. An excellent way to practice this is to rewrite the things that matter to you every morning. This way, you’ll imprint your values and priorities to your subconscious.


4. Active Listening

The idea of active listening is simple. You close your eyes and listen to the sounds of energy, the music of the existence, or simply nothingness. You empty yourself of any expectations and focus on the outside sounds or perhaps messages from your higher self coming to you. You might be surprised how much you can learn when you dive deeper into the infinite existence around you.


5. Expand Energetically

One of the reasons you need to raise your frequency is that you don’t allow your energy to expanding naturally. If you let it, your frequency would be high and stable. Most people are energetically constricted. When I scan someone’s body, I often can see that the energy is dislocated and doesn’t flow in most of the body.

Think about it, how can you raise your frequency when your own energy is condensed? There are many (good) reasons why the energy body might be shrunk, and it takes some healing work to retrain it. If you need help with this, take a look at my coaching packages.


6. Call Back Your Energy

Our energy gets trapped in times, situations, places, and relationships. Another great way to raise your frequency is to call back your energy. On my Instagram, I’ve recently shared a post to help you call back your energy.

Here is what you can say – even better claim – out loud:


I call back my energy from every time, space, and dimension. May my energy return to me purified in the Crystal Light now.


7. Lower Frequency as a Distraction

If you want to raise your frequency and hold it, it might be a good idea to explore why you might resent it. We use most of the things as a tool to distract ourselves from our potential, from our inner power, and from our purpose. Consciously you’d think that you want to raise your frequency, but is it true?

Especially lightworkers, don’t allow themselves to inhabit their full frequency. They might use bad habits, relationships, or situations that clearly keep them stuck from stepping into what they’re really capable of.

When you raise your frequency and then bounce back, likely, the lower frequency feels safer on some level. Explore why this might be the case. 

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