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How to Follow Internal Guidance? Meet Your Inner Guide

You have an inner guide who is always ready to assist you. No matter what the situation is and how severe it looks, you can count on your internal guidance system. We’re own gurus because we carry the information we need within ourselves.

Nothing you’ve done can cast away your inner guide. However, you may not know how to tune into your internal guidance system if you don’t use it. Some people tell me that they don’t receive any inner guidance, unlike others. They say that their intuition doesn’t simply work. I don’t agree with that because each of us can begin a dialogue with their inner guide.


Don’t Over-Rely on the Internal Guidance of Others

How tempting and easy it may be to ask others to confirm or disprove your internal guidance! It takes only a couple of minutes to ask your best friend what you should do while tuning into takes more effort.

At some point, I used to ask for advice from others. The reason wasn’t that I wouldn’t hear my inner guide (loud and clear), but because subconsciously, I sought validation. Moreover, I looked for a potential excuse if things didn’t work out. This is a favorite trick of the ego as it can blame others for advising you wrong and prevent you from taking responsibility. So, I understand why we rely on the opinions of others.


When you ask others to tell you what you should do, you align with their internal guidance system. 


Others may advise you well based on what makes sense to them. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s also good for you. For instance, your friend tells you that you should break up with your partner because, from her perspective, he’s not the right fit for you. Although for her, it’s a common-sense that you should leave him, she feels that based on her personal experience with a similar type of men.

If you listen to her advice, you may perhaps deprive yourself of a chance for a beautiful relationship. Moreover, what your friend may not know is what this relationship means for your spiritual path.


Aligning your decisions based on the guidance of others may deprive you of your lessons and chances for faster inner growth. 


Instead, it’s important to practice tuning into your internal guidance. It’ll save you time because you’ll not have to ensure other people’s approval before you take action. When you act in alignment with what your inner guide tells you, you take inspired action.


The actions that reflect your inner truth are the ones that create the most powerful shifts. 

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What Is Your Inner Guide?

An inner guide has many names; some are; Inner Teacher, Holy Spirit, or inner guru. The labels don’t matter; you can pick any name that works for you.

The inner guide knows everything about you – your thoughts, beliefs, actions, words, and feelings. It’s the part of you that knows your life’s mission, and it can foresee where your decisions take you. Thus you can always rely on your inner guide to show you the right steps.

The inner guide is like your best friend, who is always available to help you. No matter what the situation is. There is nothing that he wouldn’t know how to deal with. And the best part is that the inner guide has your best interests at heart.


How to Work with Your Inner Guide

Among all the great functions of the inner guide, there is one that stands out the most for me. He creates shifts in your perception of the world. As you may have read here, we create our reality based on what we want to see. While many perceptions may be positive, others may imprison you in the negative loop.

A negative perception could be the belief that you’re unworthy of receiving love. You filter your world through this thought, and you don’t allow love to come to you. Without noticing it, you lock yourself up in a prison of a belief that doesn’t serve you.

As you can imagine, this way of thinking keeps you unhappy. However, you can ask your inner guide to help you see the truth (you’re worthy of love). The inner guide only needs a slight willingness from your side (asking for help) to change the fear-based thought to love and truth.


When inner guide shifts your belief, you experience a miracle. 


The miracle is a change in perception from fear to love as my favorite book, A Course in Miracles, says. When you recognize the truth, you don’t unconsciously harm yourself any longer. In our case, you open up to receiving more love in your life, and you stop worrying about whether others love you.

To work with your inner guide, you can simply ask. A prayer where you state what you want is powerful. The inner guide does the rest for you.


The prayer can look like this:

Dear inner guide, please, help me see this situation with love. Return this thought to the truth for me. Thank you.


Feel free to come up with your prayer, or borrow mine. After you finish praying, you can drop it. The result (a miraculous shift in perception) comes at the right time – it can be instantly, later during the day, or a week later.


How to Strengthen Your Internal Guidance

To enhance your connection with your internal guidance, you need three things – stillness, space, and listening to your guts.


1. Stillness

Stillness is paramount. Without it, you can’t hear what your internal guidance tells you. The voice of the ego is loud, while the voice of love is calm. For you to strengthen your internal guidance, you must practice stillness.

You may feel calm when you meditate, walk in nature, cuddle with your pet. Sometimes the stillness may rush over you when you read a book or observe your child playing.


2. Space

The second leg of building up a relationship with your internal guidance is space. When you become still, you create a space between your thoughts. It’s in the gaps between the thoughts of your chattering mind that you forge space for your guidance to come forth. Practice creating space by mindfulness, meditation, and observing your world.


3. Instinct

I have a challenge for you to reinforce your connection to your internal guidance – act on your first instinct for one week. Usually, before the ego kicks in, there is a brief moment of clarity and guidance.

The first instinct is your initial response when you enter a new situation. For instance, you meet a new person. Although they’re lovely and everyone likes them, your gut feelings immediately warn you against them.

However, since you don’t have any real evidence for your initial feeling, you override your instinct and listen to other people’s internal guidance system. Sometime later, it turns out that your gut feeling was correct, and you shouldn’t have trusted this person.

For one week, stop seeking advice from others and instead go with your first instinct. The more you act on your instinct, the more you develop your muscle of tuning into it. With practice, you’ll align your decisions with the advice you receive from your higher self. I believe that if you genuinely practice this for a week, you don’t wish to stop. 

P.S. This guided visualization album will help you to tap into your inner guidance and reconnect with your higher self. 

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