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Too Many Things to Do? Choose the Right Timeline

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by too many things to do? I’ve always had many ideas and I used to get overwhelmed by them. When I started my coaching business, I needed to learn to navigate this energy without letting it paralyze me, and I’d like to share my tips with you.

Paralyzed by too Many Things to Do?

When we have too many things to do, we can feel paralyzed because we don’t know where to start. Sometimes, the speed of new ideas can overwhelm us.

When new ideas keep coming, the mind can’t take a rest, so it pushes us (and the body) into doing things. We rush through days and are never truly present. This may lead to feeling stressed because we constantly feel behind schedule.

The mind can create the illusion that there isn’t enough time and that it’s already too late. But everything has its own right timing.

When the mind gets overwhelmed with too many things to do, it gets us out of balance. When some part of us is out-of-alignment, it becomes even more challenging actually to finish something.

Instead of being able to focus, the mind is all over the place, and we get easily distracted by even more things to do.

If you have too many things to do and you aren’t sure where to start, read the 3 steps below or watch the video where I talk about choosing the right timeline in more depth.

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How to Cope with Too Many Things To Do


1. Don’t Analyze

The first tool for coping with too many things to do is to pay attention to your ideas. As inspiration and visions come over you, write them all down, without analyzing them.

It’s important that you learn to come back to your center and not act on every impulse you receive.

Note down the inspiration that comes to you without judging it if you can make it or if it makes sense. And without the need to start right away.

I know that all the ideas may feel equally important and legit at the moment, but it’s not always the case. Moving through life while staying in our center and inner balance is the way how to navigate the influx of creative ideas.

2. Is It True For You?

The second step is to ask yourself whether the idea is true for you. Or whether you have picked it up from someone else.

We can pick up excitement and ideas from other people and believe that they belong to us.

For instance, you may have a very inspiring friend. Your friend asks you about your project or ideas, and as you talk about them, you pick up on their excitement.

Suddenly, you start to see yourself through the eyes of your always inspired friend, and for some time, you start to play with the idea to start a new project that is more a reflection of them rather than you. But since this isn’t your path to follow, you feel stuck because it doesn’t flow for you.

The mind feels the same whether the excitement is yours or you have picked it up from someone. This is especially the case for empaths.

So, once you’ve written down your ideas, the second step is to take time to figure out whether they’re actually for you. (I talk more about jumping on someone else’s timeline in the video).

3. Choose Your Timeline

When you have too many things to do, you may feel like you need to do them all at once. But this isn’t the case.

For an idea to be successfully brought into reality, it needs to sit with you at all levels. It shouldn’t feel overwhelming to the point of taking you out of balance.

Take a while to sit with your goals and feel into each of them to see if they’re aligned with you and also to see if they’re aligned with your timeline.

Not everything is meant to be acted on right away.

When we birth new energy in our lives, it should feel light. If there is pressure, then it might not be the right timing or too much ego (the fear of failure or success, for instance) is present, and it first needs to be cleared out.

Allow yourself to work within your timeline. Play with each goal to see if it sits well on the timeline of the upcoming year(s). If you feel the lightness and it excites you, then you’ve found the right portal to birth your goals into life. 

You are the steward of your life, don’t rush it. Don’t squeeze yourself or make promises that you can’t fulfill. Don’t wait. Find the perfect timing that is aligned with your soul’s journey and energy levels.

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