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How to Stay True To Yourself? The Only Roadmap for Life You Need.

To follow your path, you have to stay true to yourself. Staying true to yourself is the only way how to navigate your life and your choices. When you live from the center of your being, and your mind-heart-soul are aligned, you live in your highest potential. But to stay true to yourself, you have to know who you are at the core of your being. You know the deepest motives of your actions, and you’re on bouncing between the polarities in your life. Between masculine and feminine, between dark and light. You come to your center. To that still point within your being where only pure knowingness exists.

The Importance of Staying True to Yourself

As we’re collectively awakening, there are many layers of consciousness present. Even in the online world, you can find advice originating in different stages of personal transformation.

Likewise, when you ask your friends for advice, some of it may likely be contradictory to each other. You can receive any advice based on what you want to hear based on your resonance and inner conflict around the topic. Although it doesn’t have to mean that what your friends (or anyone else) tell you is the right advice for you. It may even distract you from following your path.

In my memoir, I’ve shared that when I was younger, I desperately wanted a spiritual teacher. But this dream didn’t come true. At least not in the physical form. (I’ve been trained in non-physical levels).

This had taught me at an early age that all the guidance I need is within me. I don’t need to look up to anyone or read channeled messages.


In ourselves, we already have every piece of guidance we’ll ever need.


But I also know that had I not have this experience of not meeting a teacher or a book that would be it, I could get easily distracted by the opinions of others.

I see people talking to their friends about their problems and then energetically aligning with that opinion and creating the same experience for themselves.


When you’re not true to yourself and get too focused on the outer world, your energy will get dispersed too many directions.


In reality, it doesn’t matter what your friends or family think about your life. It’s equally irrelevant what you read online or in books. At best, other people’s opinions can guide you. At worst, it can make you feel stuck and unmotivated because it’s not aligned with your inner guidance. But eventually, you have to take the steps that honor your truest self because you’ll be the one walking your path – not others.

Therefore, the only way to follow your path is by staying true to yourself.

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How to Stay True to Yourself

When you stay true to yourself, you don’t get stuck with the opinions of others. You honor your inner truth and act in alignment with it. It’s good to be open to receiving help and uplifting energy from others, but there is a whole universe of difference between giving your power away to others and staying true to yourself. 

1. Honor What Works For You

To follow your path, you only need to do what works for you and what supports you. That something doesn’t have to be perfect or even spiritual.

Don’t walk someone else’s path. What I sometimes see people doing is getting too motivated by someone else. They unconsciously tap into that person’s energy field and feel their excitement and believe that it’s their own.

When the excitement wears off, they start to doubt themselves because it seems like they can’t achieve the same result as their idol. Well, you can’t ever achieve the same results if you follow the path of someone else.

2. Heart’s Resonance

To follow your path, you have to tap into your heart’s resonance. The spiritual heart has a higher consciousness than our minds. Therefore it can safely guide to taking the right steps.

Attune to the frequency of your higher heart and let its vibratory field guide you.

When you stay true to yourself, you ask yourself:

Is this in resonance with my inner truth?

What do I want to express?

Which people’s guidance in my life is potentially misguiding me?

Is this aligned with what I truly want?

What do I need to know or do to follow my path with more ease?

3. Stay True to Yourself

When staying true to yourself, you always need to come back to your center. You don’t always need to know the next step just yet. Allow yourself time to find inner clarity.

How staying true to yourself may look:

  • Being firm in your boundaries. As you consciously follow your path, you’ll realize that there are no real shoulds. There are only choices. Is this person or situation really needed in your life?
  • Open up uncomfortable conversations. Sometimes you have to have that unpleasant conversation or explain to someone why you can’t be there for them every time they want.
  • Stop taking in energies that aren’t beneficial to you. Maybe you realize that a friend you love has become a way too often negative, and it impacts you. In this case, you either learn not to take it in or reduce the contact with them.
  • Following your path of purpose. Staying true to yourself also means that you allow yourself to commit to what is meaningful to you fully.

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