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5 Key Manifestation Techniques That Actually Work

Today I’m going to share with you practical manifestation techniques that work magic. They’re all simple but powerful if you practice them regularly. Notably, the first of the manifestation techniques is something that I’ve realized by accident, and it energetically amplifies the whole process of manifestation.

Building Up Energy Momentum

The universe doesn’t have any opinion on what you can attract into your life. There is no judge up there in the skies. You’re the one who CHOOSES what you’re going to experience.

Of course, you’ve preselected some themes and topics that you wish to explore in this lifetime. These key moments create a basic frame for your life experience. We also go through spiritual initiations that awaken us to our potential.

But in our times, we can go even beyond this and liberate ourselves from what people understand as fate or even a life purpose. You can read more about it here.

But other than this, we can create anything. Manifestation is only about physics.

It’s about reaching an energy momentum – a threshold of energy – that allows you to align yourself with the reality where what you desire already exists.

When you reach the energy threshold, you make a quantum leap to the version of you that already has that which you desire.

The key is to be mindful of your energy. For instance, if you feel tired for a longer time, reaching this momentum will cost you more effort than if you feel relaxed. In that case, it’s beneficial first to replenish your energies.

Also, if you take consistently inspired actions toward your dreams, you slowly build up the energy. Once it reaches the minimum necessary amount of energy, you’ll have what you desire. (If it’s aligned with your path and in alignment with your Higher Self).

The Law of Attraction isn’t personal. It doesn’t care whether you deserve something.

Manifestation is about reaching the necessary energy to make a jump to the desired reality.

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5 Key Manifestation Techniques

1. Life Force Energy

The first step of my manifestation techniques is cultivating your life force energy. The life force energy is also called Qi (in Chinese) or Prana (in Sanskrit).

Qi energy is essential because it keeps us alive, nourishes our organs, and sustains our health. And it also serves as a potent tool during the awakening process.

Moreover, the life force energy is key to manifesting. Any manifestation techniques won’t work as quickly as they could if you don’t build up your Qi first.

Practically this means that before you use any manifestation technique, increase the energy in your body.

Here are the ways to work on your Qi:

  • do Qi Gong
  • practice yoga (even 5 minutes in the morning work)
  • do breathwork
  • create a kundalini yoga routine
  • meditate with an emphasis on your breath
  • shake your body quickly for 5 minutes
  • if you don’t have much time, dance


All the above ways will help the life force energy to wake up and move through your body into the higher chakras. When your body is awakened and at its energy peak, then continue with the following manifestation technique.

2. Gratitude

Right after having your Qi up, move onto the next manifestation technique, which is expressing gratitude. This awakens your heart chakra, which in turn creates an extra energetic surge for fueling your dreams.

Writing down the list of things you’re grateful for, connects you with your higher heart – the seat of your true self. Write as long as you need to feel your heart chakra becoming alive and light.

3. Goals

When the energy of your heart is high up, it’s time for the third manifestation technique – writing down your goals.

While setting goals, align with what is true for you. Don’t think about the goals you “should” achieve.

You want to make it yours because no one can be happy while pursuing someone else’s goals.

I like to sit with my goals for some time to see that they’re aligned with my higher self. I also make sure that my goals are results of my intentions and are aligned with my life purpose.

Once you’ve found the goals that inspire you, write them down. Preferably, you have one notebook where you use all these manifestation techniques. Writing something with your hand is more powerful than typing it into your phone or computer.

And the next step is to keep writing your goals DAILY. Very few people write their goals down every day, but this builds up the energy momentum fast.

Reconnecting with your goals on a daily basis is a powerful manifestation technique. Although it takes some time and effort, you’re rewiring your subconscious mind.

And you’re also increasing your commitment. By writing it down, you tell your mind that this is what you really want, and you’re committed to it. When you’re 100% committed to something, it will be yours.

4. Scripting

The fourth manifestation technique is about writing your vision down every day. This is a bit different from your goals because you reconnect with your overall vision for the upcoming 6 months, year, or 3 years.

It can be as long as you want, but make sure that it moves you when you write it and read it. Include into your written vision how you feel when this is happening. Describe how you feel alive, energetic, and healthy. Talk about how everything comes with ease, lightness, and in abundance.

When you find your vision, rewrite it every day. If you use all the previous manifestation techniques, you’ll feel positive and your heart will be open. Then you know that the manifestation process is working fast.

5. Allow

The last manifestation technique is all about allowing. The truth is that life doesn’t need to be difficult. Things can come with ease and in divine timing. It’s only our mind which creates obstacles because it believes that it must create everything instead of allowing it to come to us.

Again, I recommend writing it down. If it’s not possible, then at least say those sentences to yourself:

I allow myself to receive love, joy, and abundance. I allow myself to be supported by the universe. I allow things to come easily to me. I allow myself to experience my potential. I allow myself to create my life with joy and lightness in my heart.

Adjust the above sentences to your specific desires. Notice that when you repeat them, you switch into the part of your mind that is always aligned with God.

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