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how to manifest with a gratitude journal

How to Manifest your Dreams with a Gratitude Journal?

Do you know that you can manifest your dreams using a gratitude journal? I can’t help myself not to write a post on gratitude this sacred time before Christmas. I know that everyone heard about the power of gratitude but let’s make it practical!

The spiritual life is simple – the simplest acts bring us the furthest on our spiritual paths. And they grow us faster than anything else. It’s time to start living what we know is good for us.

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How a gratitude journal can change your life?

About ten years ago, I did a small experiment. I got a gratitude journal as a gift, so I decided to write what I was grateful for each evening. I focused on things that I wanted to improve, and I thanked them as if they already existed in my life.

After writing them down, I reread them out loud for myself and then went to sleep. At that time, I didn’t expect any results from it. I just wanted to see how it makes me feel. But besides feeling better, these things I wrote down began to manifest.

I can tell you that the power and speed with which these things manifested in my life were enormous.

To give you one small example, for a couple of days, I was writing down that I was grateful for meeting one old friend whom I hadn’t seen for 4 years and had no longer his phone number.

Then I went to the cinema to some movie that I’d have normally never gone to, but since my back then little sister wanted to see that movie I agreed to accompany her. And guess what? Yes, exactly. He was there. I was so shocked that I forgot to say hi to him.

He, in his 30’s years old, went to see the same children’s cartoon. How unlikely! I must add that I didn’t meet him afterward ever again.

Then I did the same technique with my exams at the university. Nevertheless, as I grew older, I realized that even if I don’t use a gratitude journal to manifest something, it greatly helps me be more present and satisfied.

By expressing our gratitude, we remind ourselves of the greater picture. We stop for a while to acknowledge what matters. Thus we can see past our little world.


When we’re grateful, we’re naturally centered in the present moment. Gratitude keeps us grounded. 


The gratitude vibration is one of the fastest, and when we align our bodies with it, we become closer to our true selves. That’s why it feels so damn good. It helps much better to cultivate more gratitude in your life than pondering day by day why we’re here.

When we’re on the gratitude vibes, we’re automatically flowing on the love’s vibe, and we’re aligned with our Creator and Higher Self. So we can directly experience our true essence than to try to figure it out.

If you want to intensify the whole process, remind yourself what you’re grateful for before going to sleep and let yourself fall asleep with this transforming vibe. You’ll have a much better and deeper sleep, and you wake up in a positive mood.

Let’s take this time of the year to relax and remind ourselves of the gifts that we already have in our lives.


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