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Spiritual Tips on How to Set Goals With the Right Intentions

There are many tips on how to set goals. However, there is also a simple reason why most people don’t accomplish them. The problem of why people fail to follow through their goals isn’t that they’re not capable of it. Instead, it’s a matter of setting the goals with the right intentions and the right frame of mind.


The imperfect terminology of spirit

From time to time, someone tells me that the term desire signifies bad and “low” substance. Those people believe that following your passion or desire is wrong. Moreover, many people think that following your passion (and setting goals that reflect your desires) will hook you up in karma.

I’d like to stop here for a while and reflect on this idea. First of all, we lack the right vocabulary when we discuss the subtle realms of spirit and creation. Our language needs to evolve, and new terms must be created.

A lot of misunderstanding arises from the fact that everyone explains spiritual terms differently. This is not a mistake of the people as the spiritual vocabulary is imperfect and lacks many terms that would describe diverse states of being.

I’d like to clear out some confusion regarding the term desire. As with any other term, its usage and explanation reflect our temporary state of consciousness. As we evolve, we stop perceiving the world from the place of the lower chakras, but we plug ourselves into the higher states of being.


Higher doesn’t mean better. It’s merely another state of consciousness. 


When we start to operate more from the higher chakras, we infuse the terms, such as desire, with another meaning. We breathe life to each word, and we decide what the word means. The intention behind words is the key.

To me, desire means tapping into the Source energy and aligning your goals with the purest intentions reflecting your heart chakra.

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The difference between ego-driven goals and higher goals

Simply put, there are 2 ways how to set goals (and make any other decision). One way of setting goals reflects the energy of the lower chakras. While the other mirrors the energy of the higher chakras.

The lower chakras are related to our human form. Those chakras are the centers of identity, ego, will-power, sexuality, relationship with self and money, and the place where we belong (or not) in the society and family.

The higher chakras are responsible for “spiritual maturity.” When we begin to function from the higher chakras more, our perception of life and self shifts. We become more compassionate, and very likely, we experience the heart chakra awakening. We’re not ego-driven as much as we used to be, and we follow the natural flow of life.


Thus while setting the goals, it’s vital to check your intentions.

Do your goals come from the lower or higher chakras?

Do they reflect your fears or potential?

Are your goals in alignment with your highest potential?

Or are they a reflection of what others want you to be or do?


How to set goals with the right intentions

To achieve your goals without stress and pushing yourself, it’s good to align them with your intentions that come from your heart (heart chakra). When you set a goal from the heart, your intentions are always pure, and these goals are the best possible option for you and others.


To infuse your goals with the most potent energy (the heart chakra energy or the Source energy) tap into your desires.


Specifically, the desires that come from the higher chakras. Let me explain the difference between “higher” and “lower” desires. The lower desires are ego-based. Such desires can look like the desire to control, manipulate, prove something to somebody, possess for the sake of owning material goods, etc.

The desires coming from the higher chakras can be the desire to align yourself with your soul and the Source. The desire to help someone out of compassion and love. Or desire to become a master of your creation because you want to know your full potential.

Note, to truly know whether you set goals from the higher or lower chakras, your WHY (your intentions) are crucial. You can set the same goal but infuse it with an entirely different quality of energy.


The examples of setting goals


1. Your goal is to change the way you look

To change the way you look, you may wish to lose weight, start bodybuilding, or undergo plastic surgery. For simplicity, let’s focus on losing weight. If this goal comes from the lower desires, then your motivation for losing weight comes from the fact that you build your identity around your body.


You think that you’re valuable only if you have your desired body.


You may also want to “impress” others and buy their love by the way you look. Your fear-based mind may have persuaded you that you’ll only have what you want once you look a certain way. This is a form of self-sabotage.


Without realizing it, you may postpone living your dreams until you’re “perfect.”


Thus you believe that you’re not worthy of your goals already now. You must better yourself to deserve them. Your mind made you believe that “fixing” your body is the way to create your dream life, while all the time, you simply don’t allow yourself to act on what matters to you at this moment.

On the other hand, if you wish to lose weight because you want to feel fit and you don’t care about how the outside world sees you, you set a goal from the higher chakras. The motivation may be that you want your body to become a better vessel for the energy of your soul.

You wish your body cells to be healthy and in alignment with your higher self. Perhaps, you intend to express the essence of your soul through your body. Thus, you desire to embody your soul through your looks.

As you can see, the goal is the same; however, when you operate more from the higher chakras, the motive changes.


When you set a goal from the right state of mind (the state of mind based on expansion and potential), you’re more likely to achieve the goal.


Moreover, achieving your goal doesn’t cost you (so) much energy. The higher chakras generate high vibrational energy that flows into your goals and makes them easier to accomplish.


2. You wish to improve your relationship

Let’s assume that one of your goals is to improve your relationship with your partner. Lately, you’ve had a couple of arguments, and it has started to feel a bit off between you two.


If you set a relationship goal from the fear-based mind, the hidden motive may be that you should make it work.


You have the mindset that no matter what the relationship is, you should always stay and do your best. It might be because you saw your parents doing the same. Conversely, your parents separated when you were little, and you still hold resentment toward one of your parents and want to avoid making their mistakes.

Another motive may be that you feel guilty and responsible for how your relationship has unfolded. Maybe you fear to admit to yourself that you don’t love your partner anymore, but you’d feel guilty if you left. Thus you’ll spend your lower chakra energy on repairing your bond.


However, the energy that you put in will be impacted by your fears, guilt, and the conviction that you “should.” 


Thus, it’s less likely that you’ll make it work in the long run because we can’t ever force ourselves into something that we don’t want deep inside. This can only work temporarily.

Let’s have a look at how the desire to improve your relationship would look like when you set it from the place of expansion and lightness. The intention can be that you want to experience real intimacy with your partner. You want to open up to them with your heart and soul.

You’re ready to explore new possibilities for you two and learn how to be fully present with them without judgment. You know that when you connect soul-to-soul with someone, you both unlock new potential for inner growth. This bond teaches you more than anything else.


The deeper the bond with your partner, the faster and more-profound the growth. 


It may be apparent that the relationship goal set from the place of expansion is more likely to manifest. In this case, you create from your heart (chakra) and infuse the relationship with the Source energy.


The conclusion

To set goals with the right intentions, make sure that you feel inspired and light. Check-In whether there is a resistance or underlying fear (limiting belief).

It doesn’t mean that your goal is “wrong.” It only means that those fears will sabotage you from achieving your goal. Moreover, it’ll cost you more of your energy and effort to make any progress because you donate your goals with energy that is misaligned with the flow of life.

In each scenario, you can flip your mindset around your goals and connect with the more powerful why. Thus while setting the goals, take a closer look at your mindset and see whether you’re attuned with your potential rather than limitation.

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