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My 5 Key Lessons Learned in 2019

2019 was an abundant year when it comes to lessons learned. The main collective theme of the year was letting go of what no longer serves us and aligning even deeper with our heart’s guidance.

My lessons learned in 2019 revolved around energy, relationships with people, and making my experience more quantum-based.

Lessons Learned in 2019


1. Being unapologetic with my energy

I believe that we’re the wardens of our energy, time, gifts, and choices that are aligned with our highest potential.

I take this seriously because I know that the Source entrusted me with life force energy and gifts, and my way of giving back is to make the best out of the time I have on this planet.

And, 2019 allowed me to look even deeper into the ways I manage my energy. As you can imagine, in my work and personal life, many people want to have direct access to energy at all times.

I receive daily emails with questions, requests for help and healing. And while I feel so blessed to be able to connect with people in this way, I can’t be there for everyone.


I believe in the law of equal exchange, which states that giving and receiving is balanced.


This law keeps everything in balance and in the right order while it also replenishes our energies. Following this law allows us to feel healthy and joyful because we don’t deplete our life force energy in unhealthy ways (fear or ego-based ways).

At a few points of 2019, the claims of certain people on my time and energy went way over any healthy limits. It was like a black hole would open up without any reciprocity. Especially in spring, when I was on a business trip, lecturing, teaching, coaching in-person and online. And in the midst of writing my book, Find Yourself.

It helped me tremendously to recognize my divine lessons to become unapologetic with my energy. I learned to draw even firmer boundaries than ever before, even if it was with people, I care about.

I understood even deeper within my being that we’re here to master the way we use our energy. Since how we manage it determines whether we live up to our potential or disperse it into distractions that don’t serve anyone.

On our spiritual path, we go through tests and initiations to the next level of consciousness and being. Since I could once again to assess the way I use my energy, I’ve now even greater capacity for the healing work with my clients.

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2. People

The next teaching from my lessons learned in 2019 was about reviewing all my connections with friends and people I know.

Since I became unapologetic with my energy, I needed to reassess relationships with others that have been more of a one-way stream for years.

I had some tough conversations and reduced the intensity of contact with some people. Of course, as we’re changing, the circle of our friends changes too. It’s natural. Since I turned 18, the people in my life have changed so many times.

Although in 2019, I decided that I don’t want to be drawn into people’s ego illusions even if it’s people dear to my heart. I’m all for healing, but some people don’t want to heal, they just want your energy to feed their realities where they keep themselves unhappy. And I decided not to be a part of that no matter how close that person was.

Relationships should be equal. And if they’re not, the ego is involved.

As I was releasing those people and stuck energies from our relationships, it opened up a new level of liberation and expansion for me. The moment I did it, I realized that it was the best decision for both of the parties because you can’t deprive people of their rock bottoms.

In some cases, it sparkled beautiful healing for those people too because in the consciousness of oneness, what works for us, also works for others.

3. Center yourself

Another teaching from my lessons learned in 2019 was about centering myself. In the midst of the most challenging times (see above), I’ve remained completely calm, centered, and balanced.

This has shown me a new way of being when surrounded by chaos and designs of this reality aiming to seed unbalanced energy.

I’ll talk about this lesson more in the future, so I keep this short. But the bottom line is that when we stay neutral, we don’t get attached to the situation or a person. And this was one of the biggest gifts of 2019.

4. Multidimensional selves

Another theme from my lessons learned in 2019 was interconnecting even deeper with my multidimensional selves.

Imagine that you could access any version of yourself and CONSCIOUSLY learn from the other you!

What if you could be consciously aware of other versions of yourself and even communicate with them anytime?

Can you imagine how much this could sparkle your inner growth?

Since this topic deserves more time, I’ll talk about this in the future. And I’m going to teach it my clients who do the Crystal Light Healing with me because it’s such a game-changer and fun!

5. Integrating gifts from other lifetimes

The last from the lessons learned that I want to share with you today is about accessing the gifts and skills from other key lifetimes on this planet.

Again this is a topic of itself.

We can consciously remember and connect with our “past” selves that have lived on this planet. Many of you’ve experienced lifetimes where you were in your power and potential.

You left here vibration imprints of the past you who lived up to your potential. So that you can (among many other reasons), tap into the same magnitude in this key lifetime. (Technically, it’s all happening at once).

And this has been going on for me for a while and will continue. In 2019, I received massive transmissions that opened up the portals to one of such times. And since then, I’ve been anchoring that energy in my being.

This, again, has deepened the way I work with others during the healing sessions. When the Higher Self of the person allows it, we can work on quantum and multidimensional levels, which makes every shift more profound.

You can watch an interview with me done last summer, where I also talk about it.

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