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6 Excuses That Stop You From Achieving Greatness

Achieving greatness is a highly individual process. For everyone, it means something different as we all bring unique visions to our planet. But we all have something in common, we stop ourselves before we even take the first step.

Let’s break down some of your excuses for achieving greatness.


What does achieving greatness mean?

Achieving greatness requires you to dream big and then take consistent action towards your visions. Your higher self continually guides you in achieving greatness.

You may receive the guidance through aha moments, knowing of what to do next, dream states, or in meditations.


Regardless of which ways the guidance comes to you, there is something greater guiding you to utilize this life to the fullest. 


It’s like having an acorn which carries the potential to grow into a mighty oak tree. The acorn contains a seed for a new expansion but whether it happens depends on many factors.

Our human potential is like an acorn. Within we already have the perfect conditions to become the best we possibly can. But if we don’t allow ourselves the right environment we may stay an acorn.

The ideal conditions for expansion mean that you develop the right kind of mindset that will carry you over any obstacles. You can’t expect that you won’t face any challenges. Of course, you will. We all do. Especially when we’re on the path to achieving greatness!


Will you allow the external conditions to determine your future?

Or will you say ‘whatever,’ I do it anyway because that’s what I am designed to become? 


Developing this attitude requires time, commitment, and mindfulness. It’s a way of living rather than a destination to reach. So don’t get discouraged when things don’t go your way!

Instead, give yourself the environment that you need. Just like nature provides the acorn with perfect conditions for transforming itself into a new life.


You have to be on your side to achieve greatness and the things you want!


No one else can make the decision to follow your life purpose for you. People can motivate you, give you a helping hand when you need it, but it’s you who chooses to step into your greatness day after day again.


There have been about godzillion times (at least!) when I could have given up.


And I would have good reasons according to others, but what kind of life would it be? I’m not here to survive and make it day by day with minimum efforts; I’m here to bring my visions to the planet.

I’m here to teach you tools that will transform your lives. I’m here to guide you into your potential because I believe in you even if you don’t!

Yet, we still have millions of excuses why we can’t achieve greatness, so let’s address some of them together.

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6 Excuses for not achieving greatness


Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness, but it is greatness.
George Bernard Shaw


1. I don’t know how to start

One of the main excuses that stop us from achieving greatness is the belief that you don’t know where to start. Well, let me break it down for you. 

The whole point of being here is that you find a way to achieve something that you haven’t done before. It means that, of course, you don’t know how to start. No one does.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know it yet, but the only way to find out how to start is to start!


When you’re starting on something new, first you crawl, then you walk, and when your legs gain enough muscles from practicing, you can run. 


Start wherever you are – that’s the perfect point and you have there all you need. Use what you have and you’ll receive more. This is how consciousness works. 

Do you know someone who could give you the information you need? Can you find it online? Do you resonate with an online program or someone who could help you to achieve your goals faster while working with them?

Look around yourself, you probably can start somewhere. Use it to the best of your abilities and then move on to something else. The way will show up.  


2. It will take time

Often we resist change because we worry that it will require too much time.

Well, I have news for you! Time will pass anyway even if you don’t ever act on your visions. Even if you stay in a draining job or marriage. Even if you don’t create the art, you want or become a healer. Time is passing. 


Everything takes time; even wasting time takes time. Limiting yourself also takes time and energy. That’s just how it is. 


So, forget about time and focus on what you want to do with the time you have!

How present do you want to be with your partner or children?

What do you want to do on weekends and after you come home from work?

How much time are you willing to invest in changing your life?


3. It’s been done

Another excuse on the way to achieving greatness is the thought that it has been done. Well, of course, it has been done. Everything has been done. 

Some archeologists say that we had electricity and light bulbs in ancient times. Nothing is new and yet everything is. 

The quality of consciousness is always changing. Your task is to act on the energy you feel in your heart and express it in your unique style. That way you’ll translate the same thing that has been done in a way that speaks to contemporary people. 


So it will be done again, but for the first time through you. Thus it’s a blend of old and new energies that lead to something that hasn’t yet existed in the exact same energy spectrum.


You’re not here to just sit in an office or stand behind a counter; you’re here to do something that only you can. 


4. I’m too xxx

The next common excuses for achieving greatness is that something is wrong with you. Either you’re too young, old or uneducated or overeducated and you should stay in a corporate job.

Everyone is too something. That’s what makes you YOU. It’s a good thing, not something that should stop you from achieving greatness. 


Without knowing you, I can tell that the very same thing you believe is too much is exactly what will open the doors to your potential. 


How do I know it? Because it’s the same for everyone. So how do you use it to your advantage?


5. I don’t have xxx

Yes, you may not have money, love, support, or approval for achieving your greatness. You may play out in your head the same song that you don’t have something and let it continually stop you. 

Or you get over yourself and realize that probably just a very few people seemingly have it all. Most of us don’t have something that they think they need. That’s called life. 

Maybe that thing isn’t what you need. Or it’s exactly the thing that will help you to achieve greatness once you become creative with what you have. 


I started with zero money, no support, heart-broken, thousands of miles away from everyone I knew, but with a big vision and I chose to stop standing in my way.


Was it easy and fast? Of course not!

But I couldn’t have done anything else because any other way of living would drive me crazy. I couldn’t pretend that life that was outlined for me satisfied me anymore. So I risked it all and began with baby steps creating a life where I can be myself.

That’s all you need to do. Allow yourself to be who you are and stop wasting energy on stopping your potential. 


6. Who am I?

The last favorite excuse that doesn’t allow you to achieve greatness is: Who am I? 


Well, who you are is no one else’s business. As long as you don’t harm others consciously, you do you, okay?


Those beautiful dreams aren’t in your heart and mind by accident. You were born with them because you’re meant to bring them to life. It’s like a map of where you should go, but you throw the map away and shout I don’t deserve to have it.

Well, you do deserve it. You’re worthy of every single dream that comes from the purity of your heart. It’s the Universal consciousness begging you to make something happen because only you can


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