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how to face challenges

How to Face Challenges and Why We Experience Ups & Downs

No one likes challenges. But, knowing how to face them is another level. Many times, we slip, but those who stand up and continue facing their challenges are the ones that will rise.

Have you ever felt caught up in the roller coaster of life? Have you ever asked yourself why does a slump follow every success (usually)? And more importantly, is there any way out?

My perspective on ups and downs shifted absolutely within one period of my life during which I experienced almost all tough situations I could ever think of.

Suddenly, I faced two options.

Either I could have continued to be (mostly unknowingly) dragged by the situations, or I could have stopped and started seeing the bigger picture of what was happening. I chose the second option. I refused to play the poor me game and decided to rise from the ashes again.

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This realization helped me to face challenges

Although it might seem that life is linear, it evolves in a spiral. Our consciousness is expanding with every challenge.

Even though you may face challenges that appear to be the same, you have the opportunity to grow spiritually and mentally and thus getting slowly layer after layer to your true self.


The downs of our lives are breaking points on the spiral to the higher levels of consciousness.


We move upwards in a spiral until we reach the level of awareness enough to make a breakthrough. Problems mean that we have an opportunity to show what we’ve learned in that particular cycle so far. And if we ”succeed’ then we go to the next level.

It’s essentially the same as going to school and take the exams at the end of the term so you can see what you learned. 

You get your result based on your vibration and energy field. The universe also has a backup plan. Even after the breakthrough, there is usually less intense; you have to face a challenge which is similar to make sure you’ve mastered your lesson.

In other words, after going through the cycle, you can be admitted to the exam period. If you perceive the problem as bigger than you and it swallows you, it means that you’ve to go through the cycle again and retake the same exam.

So, this is the reason why so many people have the same money or relationship issues again and again. They’re taking the same school term over and over. When the examination period arrives, they wonder what happened and try to escape the situation by ignoring it or playing a victim.


Energetic blueprint of challenges 

Any situation is an opportunity for us to heal. Triggers serve as a perfect potentiality to release an energetic blueprint of emotions that get stuck on a cellular level of our bodies.

Since we were born, all unexpressed emotions stayed in our energetic field and slowly transmitted to the cellular level. This energy is attracting perfect healing opportunities so the old feelings can be fully expressed and released for good.

All situations are here to assist your healing. Unless you recognize them as such, you miss the lesson.

A negative situation may pull the old stuck energies out of your body. The negative emotions that you feel are the old energy leaving your body. Recognize and allow yourself to feel whatever you feel. Change your perception of difficulties as a perfect healing opportunity and welcome them.

All tough times are here for us to heal old wounds. So we finally reach the stage of inner balance, and nothing out there can trigger us anymore.


Not facing these opportunities prolong suffering. Eventually, we all have to pass all the exams.


Do challenges ever end?

Yes and no. Ups and downs will continue to guarantee we don’t stop evolving.

However, after some time when you stop running from problems and accept your feelings which the situation brought about, your emotional body starts to heal, and these conditions won’t trigger you again.

When similar problems don’t influence how you feel anymore, then the lesson is over. It’s dissolved, so the learning program doesn’t need to be repeated in your life ever again. This is the only way out. To go through anything which occurs 100%.

The speed of the learning period is all in your control. If you’re tired of the same stereotypes, then the only shortcut is to face whatever happens and welcome it. Don’t run away. Whatever comes, take as an opportunity to grow. In a sense, it’s a simple concept.


When you run away from life’s situations, then you’re running from yourself.


When you’re running from yourself, then you cannot grow towards higher consciousness because the higher level of awareness is your true self.

If you don’t accept and welcome what happens in your life, then you cannot change it, and you refuse yourself because you’re the one who created it. You give your power away and let the situation to rule your life.

I did it. A couple of years ago, I decided to accept whatever comes and welcome problems as challenges and as a sign that it’s time take a step to the next level.

The speed of ups and downs in my life speed up incredibly. Now, if I have a problem, I usually go through it in a couple of minutes (instead of days or months). I got rid of most of my old templates and problems. They’re not part of my reality anymore. The only thing it takes is to stop running away and feeling like this is the end of the world. Don’t underestimate your abilities to break through. 


How can you know what you’re capable of when you run away from every opportunity? 

What if you instead invest into your life and become a person you want to be?

What would happen if you stopped feeling overwhelmed by challenges and welcome them as opportunities for you to grow?


Yes, it’s the only way how to spiritually and mentally grow. So, if you keep running away not wanting to see the situation then guess what? You miss your opportunity for YOUR OWN spiritual growth.

However, the universe is infinitely patient and keeps sending you the same situations with small deviations until you understand that you’re far greater than ANY problem. 

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