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you will not always get what you think you want

Why You Will Not Always Get What You Think You Want?

Patience. Oh, how it’s difficult for me to be patient sometimes! I used to feel that I’d always been waiting for something until I moved to Asia in 2012 for the first time. Maybe that’s the reason why I  used to want everything now. Yet I remind myself that the Universe can have different timing than me and it often does! Thus you will not always get what you think you want. When we want something too much, we block the energy flow.

Subsequently, the very opposite of what we’ve desired happens – nothing. We get stuck and what we desire is put on hold. Sometimes for a very long time.


“As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”
Andy Warhol


By longing for something excessively, we operate from an illusion. The illusion that we aren’t enough without the object of our longing and that it’s something seemingly unreachable or otherwise we wouldn’t stress so much about getting it, right?


A person who knows that what he longs for will come can afford to wait. Without anxiety and patiently.


If there is just a little bit of impatience, we don’t believe down within that what we want can and will be ours. Therefore, it cannot be. I know that it sounds paradoxical, and it is because the Universe loves paradoxes.The Universe loves all kind of extreme sides of duality and then bringing them together effortlessly – as they’ve never been apart.

There is always the third way, and the third way often begins with letting go and accepting where we’re now although we’d like to be somewhere else. Somewhere better. Somewhere where everything is nice and easy.

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Why will you not always get what you think you want?

Imagine that the Universe is orchestrating for you meeting an amazing partner with whom you could create a relationship of your wildest dreams. You feel impatient and want to meet him or her right now. It sounds obvious, and no one can blame you for that.

Yet if you’d really meet your partner now, there is a high chance that either you or he would screw your relationship up.


Anything we want in our lives, we need to feel ready to accept it fully.


Often, we need to enlarge our capacity to embrace and welcome what our desire brings. In the case of you waiting for the right partner, the timing might not be the right now because you need to let go of some patterns or change the way you think so you don’t sabotage your chances for a happy life together.

So you can be put on a hold during which you learn valuable lessons that will later serve your relationship to be happy.

The Universe is protecting you from failing with your dreams. It wants to prepare you for your desire to come to the full extent. When we rephrase and understand why things don’t show up right now in our lives, we’re ready to collaborate and welcome the lessons at hand. Even if we don’t like them because they’re here to prepare us for what we desire.


How does your wish manifest in your life?

Let’s say that you want to expand your business and increase your income. If you don’t have any resistance and you feel that more money is coming in easily, great! If there is a resistance and you try whatever you can, and the results are meager then you need to welcome your lessons at hand.


The great place to start is to ask yourself:

What kind of person do I need to become so that XYZ can show up in my life?

How can I increase my capacity to receive what I desire?

What else do I need to know, so I understand my current lessons?


These questions will help you to not stand in your own way. When you let out your desire, and you mean it, the clearing part needs to start. You need to face your blocks so your dream can happen. This phase of manifestation is there for you to help you become more explicit on the ways you don’t allow your dream to come to fruition.


Expand your perspective and welcome where you’re at because it will bring you to where you want to be.


Collaboration, acceptance, and yes patience combined with the trust in the Universe, is an unstoppable combination for you.

Even if it doesn’t look like, you’re always right there where you need to be.

And remember that you will not always get what you think you want, but you will always get what you need.

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