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How to Manifest in these 5 Crucial Steps

In the previous article, I explained how feelings and our beliefs are crucial to comprehending how to manifest.

Now, let’s break how to manifest in 5 steps for you, so it’s easy to check where you’re at while dictating your reality.


How to manifest in 5 steps


1. Check your resistance.

If we hold any resistance toward what we desire, we’ll bring in more of what we don’t want. In the first step, witness what and why you resist something.


Is it because deep inside you don’t believe that you can have it?

Or is it rather because you want it so much that you built a codependent relationship with what you desire?


The truth can also be that you may not really want it as much as you believed. It’s not uncommon that we unconsciously fear success because if we’d achieve what we want, we’d need to become more responsible or have less free time. Often it’s our subconscious beliefs that decide what we get (or not).


2. Release the resistance.

Once you’re aware of what your resistance is, you can begin to release the inner tension. Imagine as you’re letting go of your resisting thoughts.


Here are 2 easy yet powerful tips on clearing out resistance:

  • You can even imagine how these beliefs are leaving your mind.
  • If you have resisting feelings, then stay with them for about 90 seconds without judgment, and they’ll shift.

Nevertheless, if you can’t let go of the resisting thoughts on your own, then you may ask someone you trust to help you. Or you can find for yourself a coach that would help you to release the areas where you sabotage yourself.

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3. Ask for what you want. 

The moment, you feel like you don’t hold any internal resistance, you’re ready to ask for what you want. Asking is more important to you than the universe.


There is a power in hearing your voice stating clearly what you want.


Focus on what you want to create. This is a good way how to also deactivate the old thoughts by focusing on new better thoughts. Add feelings to your thoughts. While imagining what you want, connect it with strong positive emotions. Don’t be afraid to dream big and have bold visions.


4. Support your manifesting.

Now, you’re building the momentum so you can support your positive focus by getting into the right vibes. You can be journaling every evening and writing down what you’re grateful for.

Even if it wouldn’t include the thing you want, the positive vibes will bring you everything that you desire. You can also create vision boards by printing or even painting what you wish to and reaffirm your decision to manifest what you want.


5. Allow and receive.

Now, comes probably the hardest part. Allow the positive changes come into your life. Each time when you feel any tension, and you feel like you’d start being anxious about when you get – repeat to yourself – I let it all go, I release the pressure. Remind yourself that now it isn’t up to you so let it go out of your mind completely.


An excellent exercise I can recommend you is to imagine that you open up your heart and allow to receive what you want – the love, abundance, success.


The best time to do it is right before you fall asleep so your unconscious mind can reinforce your decision when you sleep.

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