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let go of doubts

Let Go of Doubts With this One Simple Advice

My dear friend, Gregory, gave me invaluable advice. Each time when I had any doubts, he told me: “F*** it, Sylvia! F*** it!”

Although it’s not the most polite way to express his approach to doubts, it works.

Sometimes it seems to me that it had become a very fashionable trend to talk about doubts and make them as a good excuse for not following passions and dreams.

Just today I was present to a discussion about exercising. One woman told another that she’d love to lose some weight, but the teacher she’s going to is too strict, so she isn’t sure whether to continue. This conversation turned about other things that are difficult and how life isn’t fair.

It’s us and our attitudes that make everything painful and complicated than it needs to be.

No doubts will bring you any closer to your dreams. Ever. Period.

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Why let go of doubts?

It’s incredibly unattractive and non-constructive to live in doubts and use them as an excuse for not doing the things you love.

So let me ask you how necessary is it to name all the reasons and obstacles why not to do something that you want?

What if instead, we all use Gregory’s advice? Wouldn’t it be nicer and so much easier and more fun?

Think about how much time you spent on rationalizing and dwelling in doubts. This is the time that you could use for something constructive instead.

I used to spend a lot of time dreaming and hoping just to let the doubts to creep in later and sabotage myself. We all do it, but if we choose happiness, then it’s time to change it because happiness is a conscious choice. 


Let go of doubts and try this instead

When the doubts darken your mind next time then just remember Gregory’s advice and let go of doubts that you have!


Recognize them but tell them that you choose differently.


Tell your doubts that you choose yourself and your dreams. Tell them that you’ll not be stopped and you’ll do it anyway.

It’s a very liberating moment to give yourself permission to follow your dreams regardless of any doubts.

Whatever you want to do, remember, that it’s possible or otherwise you wouldn’t have that dream in the first place.

So let’s skip all this wasted time around the perimeter of the person you want to be. Focus on what you can do and what you choose to do.

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