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Happiness Is a Choice: Find The Breakthrough Point

Happiness is a choice. There is nothing random and out of our control about being happy. If you know any positive and happy people and wonder what their secret is, there is no secret but their conscious choice.

We’re so accustomed to suffering and pain that it feels like an inevitable part of our lives. We get so used to suffering to the point that we allow it to rule our lives.

I know people who believe that they aren’t happy because of others. They think that other people always influence them negatively and determine their decisions. They feel like victims of others and suffer quietly.


We make our happiness dependent on many factors out of our control.


Being unhappy seems to be a standard in most of societies. There are brief moments of bliss and contentment from time to time because we have achieved something remarkable.

While a moment later, we fall back into despair or emptiness. Although it seems to be normal, it doesn’t need to be this way.

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Happiness is a Choice

Being happy is very simple. To be happy – and I’m talking about unshakable constant happiness independent of others – we must consciously choose it moment by moment.


How to achieve a turning point to happiness?

You must drop your fondness for suffering and pain. Yes, you read well.

If there is pain in your life, then you want it at some level. Remember, we have become accustomed to living in misery. When someone is going through a divorce, we feel sorry and immediately begin to empathize with them. When we get fired, we stay in a self-pity mode for some time.

On the other hand, when someone is happy and life goes well for them, we don’t empathize with them. We may even feel envious of them because they live in a different reality than us.

Think about the ways how you choose to be unhappy every day. Be honest with yourself. After you allow yourself to see the truth – that you have decided to stay in a negative mindset – then you can let it go. There is no need to cling to unhappiness.


Has being unhappy brought you anything good in your life?

Does it serve you and your loved ones?

Does it serve you to live a more fulfilling life?

If the answer is no then why do you need to keep unhappiness in your life?


Let it go. I know that unpleasant situations occur in life. But at the same time, I know even better that you don’t have to feel bad because of the outer circumstances.

Regardless of what the case is, you have the choice to make your day beautiful. You have the opportunity to treat yourself lovingly. You have the option to say ”so what?” and move one.

Happiness is a choice, and it takes a conscious decision. First, you have to realize how (much) you value suffering over being happy and then release it because it doesn’t serve you anymore.

Don’t make your happiness being dependent on random circumstances and people in your life.

Don’t play a victim, and don’t lie to yourself that you don’t have a choice because you can choose differently. Remember, being unhappy is also a choice, so make a new decision which will bring you the life behind your wildest dreams.

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