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secrets of manifesting

The Secrets Of Manifesting and the Law of Resistance

We’ve probably all heard about the Law of Attraction and about the importance of having positive thoughts. Many people practice repeating positive mantras every day. Although this all works, it’s not the only secret of manifesting.

You can repeat the positive affirmations whole day long, but if you feel upset and don’t believe in the positive statements that you repeat, they’ll not work for you. Positive statements are like a cherry on the top. Once the cake is baked, you can decorate it with affirmations. Yet, you have to bake the cake first.

What you put in your manifestation cake matters. So, let’s bake together!


The Secrets of Manifesting

Our feelings are what manifest. If we feel upset, we’ll manifest more upsetting situations and people. And, it doesn’t matter how many positive affirmations we say if we don’t change this feeling.

Feelings charge thoughts and thoughts then get empowered by emotions and become potent.


You can think about your feelings like you’d be blowing a magical powder into things and thought. Then, they create anything.

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The resistance

We block our manifestation abilities when we build up resistance. Resistance is a by-product of when our feelings aren’t aligned with what we want.

An example is when we want something badly, but we don’t believe that we can get it then our lack of belief creates deep resistance.

Resistance tortures us inside as we don’t believe that we can have what we desire.


How do you know when you resist something?

The formula is easy.

Your feelings inform you about your resistance. If you feel joyous, happy, and confident, then you’re in a flow, and you’ll manifest more of these beautiful feelings.

On the other hand, if you feel stressed, depressed, anxious, or afraid, then you’re in resistance.

If you manifest by focusing on positive affirmations while being in resistance, you’ll get exactly that what you feel. The universe always gives you what you feel. Your feelings are frequencies that attract similar frequencies.

Therefore, one of the secrets of manifesting is first to check out your feelings and if needed release the resistance. (This article about suppressed emotions can help you).


It’s doubtful that you’d go from feeling sad to joyous in a while.


But being upset is already an improvement compared to feeling sad. You can release one feeling at a time as you climb the emotional ladder.

If you don’t believe that something positive would happen to you, then you can sit and play with your imagination.

Just allow yourself to do some daydreaming and reassure the part of yourself that doesn’t feel good that it isn’t harmful to daydream.


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