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How to Succeed in Fulfilling Your Dreams?

Fulfilling your dreams is the number one reason why you’re here on this planet. Yet many of us have the “special gift” to sabotage them and make our lives less than happy. Most people give up their dreams at some point or another. Not to waste my life has always been a powerful motivation for me. I guess we’re on the same page in this.


3 Pieces of Guidance to Succeed in Fulfilling Your Dreams


1. Don’t wait to be saved

This is a very common pitfall on the way to fulfilling your dreams. Waiting for someone to help you with your business, household, or who will help you financially keeps you away from your dreams.

While you’re waiting, you’re creating illusions about your own inadequacy, which then boosts your insecurities. This is a vicious cycle.

If you’re honest with yourself, you find out that the only person that you’ve ever been waiting for is YOU! You’re the critical component in your own life! There is no one else that you would really need to save you, but you.

Other people will join and support you if they feel like doing it, but don’t create dependency.  While you’re waiting, nothing can ever change and happen. Instead of investing in stories, you need someone to save you, invest in believing, and nurture yourself.

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2. Be confident about your vision and who you are

Self-confidence is a must! Without self-confidence and self-esteem, you don’t take the necessary steps and decisions to fulfill your dreams. It’s like sitting alone in the corner, waiting for someone to give you the approval to go and live your life.

Lack of confidence is a just trick of the subconscious mind (ego) to make us play small (you can read about the subconscious mind in detail in my book – Become the CEO of your Mind).

Allowing insecurities to run the show of your life will bring you no good result. Actually, it will only leave you more insecure about your capabilities to make things happen.


3. Stop seeking external validation  

Is there someone who doesn’t wish you all the best or is envious? Is there anyone who you fear, so you rather play small? If yes, here is a quick and easy cure. Stop caring about their opinions and searching for approval!

If someone is mean to you, do you need them in your life? If some friend has betrayed you, do you really need to stay friends? It’s harsh, but I don’t think you need them.

Other people are our mirrors, and they teach us lessons. But it doesn’t mean that we have to keep them in our lives when they clearly don’t support our dreams. Stop wasting time on thinking if you do this what this person will say or think. This doesn’t make them love you and care for you anyway. It just deprives you of your power.

Do you live your life for yourself or others?

Imagine how liberating it would be to go and do what you want without this mental havoc telling you that you cannot because of this so and so person. Do it for yourself – as an expression of who you truly are. You don’t need anyone’s permission to live your own life as you wish.

This is the key to fulfilling your dreams. Make them happen, and don’t waste time thinking of other’s opinions. Don’t even bother about the results. Just keep doing because this is the thing that you love the most.

When you’re in the sacred space of the heart, the desired results come to you.


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