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need for approval

The Need for Approval is Constantly Stopping You. Here is Why.

The need for approval is prevalent for most of us. Even if we want to act tough and say that we don’t care what others think, there is usually at least one person whom we seek the approval from.

What does happen if you don’t get the approval?

You either don’t do what you wanted, or you have doubts which then undermine your behavior anyway. Therefore, the need for approval is stopping you. When you’re unsure whether you let yourself to be controlled by the need for approval then ask yourself how would you live if you wouldn’t have to care about the opinion of anyone else but you?

There are people in our lives whom we give our power to. We put them on a pedestal and make them feel special. In our minds, we make others more important than ourselves. This naturally must lead to living a life in which we aren’t free, and we don’t fully step into our power.

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Why should you let go of the need for approval?

Because the majority of people don’t want you to fly, they want you to keep playing small. Such as they do. So you don’t remind them of their wasted potential. It’s harsh and mostly unconscious, but when you’re happy and fulfilled, you make others to either change or leave your life.

By playing small, you can wake up one day, wondering where did the time go. Yet, you have all the time you need to become your best version if you don’t just let it slip between your fingers.


All of you reading this post have an amazing gift and unique perception that can make this world a better place.


If you’re afraid to step up, give yourself the support and approval you need, the world will miss your unique strengths.


Let me share with you an excerpt from my book, Become the CEO of Your Mind:

The only ”cure” is to come out of the little shale that we built to protect us and learn to own our greatness. By restoring the balance of power in the relationships, we liberate ourselves and clean the space for love to enter.

As long as we keep ourselves down and raise others in our minds, we are wasting life. In this unhealthy state of mind, we cannot find our potential and life purpose.

When someone does not grant you the approval, and you prioritize what they want, then you cannot know who you really are.

You cannot know your true potential or get even close to it. Since if what the ”more important” people want from you does not match what your heart desires, you don’t have the “permission” to follow your passion.


Nevertheless, it is by acting on your passions when you know what your life calling is.


There is no way how to think it through your life mission. The only way is to act on it.

Don’t limit yourself by trying to please others and make them love you.

It is very likely that they do not care so much about what you do. And if they do care and yet do not support you, then they are not worth any headaches anyway. When people criticize you instead of lovingly support you – even in subtle ways – then your relationship is not healthy anyway.

Now, go and step out of walls protecting you and share your inner genius with the world.

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