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bryce dallas howard on not to give up

Bryce Dallas Howard on Why Not to Give Up

Bryce Dallas Howard shared a beautiful and inspiring story on not to give up in Marie Forleo TV that everyone should take a lesson from.

Bryce Dallas Howard is a well-known actress and director. Howard’s grandmother told her that on average every actor has to go through 64 auditions before making a deal. It’s a considerable number when you think about it!

Howard shares that she made her first deal at number 48 and when her agent asked her why she hasn’t given up, she told her what her grandmother taught her.

The agent honestly replied that if every actor had known it, they wouldn’t give up so easily.

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How does this apply to your life?

Although you may not be an actor or an artist, the same lesson applies to all of us.

Everyone has dreams. That’s why we’re here –  to make them happen!

Yet, the truth is, that majority of people give up with first failures. We reason giving up as that there was a bad timing, not enough resources, big competition, or it wasn’t meant to be.

However, if you feel a deeper calling to make something happen then the only reason behind the failure is giving up.

When you see someone having it all, you might think that they just woke up one day and it all felt into their lab. That’s very far from the truth. I believe that there is a lot of inside and outside work behind everyone’s success. The only difference is that they haven’t given up.

Think about all the great scientist, composers, athletes, or thinkers. They all have in common one thing – the decision not to give up.

Imagine that you’d have devoted the same amount of energy and time into making happen what you want. This is the power of consistency. 

The art of persistence is what distinguish people living their dreams from those who don’t.


Why should we not to give up?

If you understand that challenges are opportunities to learn and grow, you’ll set you up on the way to success.

If something doesn’t work out immediately, it doesn’t mean that you should stop pursuing your dream.


It only means that there are some lessons that you need to understand before allowing the success to flow into your life. 


Train yourself to look at the challenges creatively as the gifts that show you what you need to understand about yourself and your life.

The secret is to develop the mindset which doesn’t fear obstacles.

On contrary, it welcomes them. Know that there is a certain amount of energy that you need to invest in doing things before you see the result so don’t give it up too soon!

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