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Being Afraid of Your Own Power Because People Judge You

You may be limiting yourself unconsciously because you’re afraid of your own power. You may be afraid that if you’re powerful, people will judge you, project on you, and create expectations of you. This stops you from sharing your gifts and unlocking your true potential. In psychology, the Johan complex is the fear of one’s own power and greatness. And it has stopped many people from sharing their genius with the world.

The Fear of Being Powerful

As a soul healer, I’ve noticed that people generally know what it takes to improve their lives. They sense that they have the strength and power within themselves to change. Yet, they’re afraid of being powerful. Being afraid of your own power usually comes from the collective field, ancestral lineage, and past lives. In the Mystery School of Remembrance, we focus on healing a relationship with one own power because it shifts everything else. People naturally gravitate towards fulfilling their purpose when we heal past lives and integrate the soul lessons. They can also access their soul gifts better and improve and heal their relationships and even their health.

Another reason why you can be afraid of your own power is due to our false perception of what power means. There have been few examples of a true soul’s power stemming from the Source. Most of what we see is an ego power. When you think of the masters like Jesus or Buddha, you know you’re in a Presence of true power. The true soul’s power doesn’t want to possess, control, or manipulate. It wants to share, radiate, heal, and create. 

On the spiritual journey, you’ll eventually purify yourself to be the vessel for the true power. And this will heal the world because you become one with God’s Mind. As long as we carry soul wounds from other lifetimes around power, we don’t use it at all or use it properly, creating more wounding for us and others. But imagine a world where our mind stays one with God, and we don’t need to let the ego control our actions. That kind of world is healed because it healed the illusion of separation from God. 


True power doesn’t come from the ego; it’s a state of consciousness we share with God. God is the only Source of it. 

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Power Attracts Projections

I’ve talked about power a lot in the past. Today, I want to discuss another reason we fear power – other people’s projections. Psychological projections are when someone assumes you’re a certain way because they think or act that way. They project their beliefs about themselves on you. Projections are powerful because we see who we are; not what is. 

We can use the Thought-Adjuster to interpret our beliefs and what we see so we don’t judge others unjustly according to ourselves. You can listen to a guided meditation to surrender your beliefs to the Thought Adjuster.

Power attracts projections even if you’re in the true soul’s power. Think of the projections Jesus had to deal with during his life and even more after his resurrection. As long as we experience the illusion of separation in our minds, we are prone to see the world through the lens of the ego. You can learn more about the ego and the mind in my book, Become the CEO of Your Mind.


Subconsciously, you know that people will project their beliefs and interpretations on you when you’re in your power. And this is a big reason why you’re afraid of your power. You want to stay invisible


Staying Invisible Keeps You Safe

You’re afraid of your own power because being powerful equals unsafe. Our collective memory records have many examples of why this can be true. And yet, this world won’t heal as long as we live in fear. This is what sets lightworkers apart. They consciously transmute and work with their fears, uploading new pathways for humankind to the collective field.

Lightworkers are trailblazers. They go first, even if they don’t feel ready. There comes a life when their soul has gotten enough of beating around the bush and wants to become fully embodied and enlightened.


When you’re afraid of your own power, remember that the true power comes from God. And it’s transmitted to you through your Spirit. When your spirit’s strength and power shine through your chakras, you start to radiate and emit that powerful presence that is changing your field and the collective field. It changes everything you come in contact with; other people can feel it. But it causes people to have all kinds of reactions.


Now the question is, what will happen when people have those reactions? Are you going to hide? Are you going to shrink? Are you going to collapse that power? Or are you going to hold that power?


Power Triggers and Inspires

The true power is not ours, but we can share God’s power. However, the energy of power is so strong to hold that it can take us on some ego trips,
it can be too heavy to carry, and we may misuse it. And it also attracts attention. Some people get inspired by it, and it accelerates their ascension. And other people get triggered by it and put negative projections on you. 

The same power is available to others when you’re in your power. People who get inspired are ready to be changed by that power. People who get triggered aren’t receptive to the power moving through you yet. Some people will have difficulties finding alignment with the power that is available to them. They will not see it as an invitation; they will see it as an attack.

So, it triggers the duality – the light and the dark. And how we will respond to it is an individual journey for everyone.
And it can be a mixture of both those extremes. But you need to be in the center of it because when you are in the center of it, you can hold those extremes. When you start moving with those extremes – positive or negative-  you don’t have the strength to be the vessel for that power. 

Being in your power can’t take you to either extreme. Because of the projections, you can’t think how amazing and better than others you are or how terrible you are. None of it changes who you truly are. This only matters to the ego, which inflates and deflates through perceptions and projections.

How will you respond to this energy when you see it reflected by others? This is the most profound work. It’s the work about stepping into your spiritual leadership.


Don’t be Afraid of Your Own Power

Even if you’re afraid of your own power because of the ego projections, you’re in a sacred relationship with this power. You have responsibility for what you’ll do with your life. Are you going to tap into your divine potential? If you’re afraid of your power, you must develop a strong center. Your energy body, solar plexus, and the core of your being need to be solid and not bend under pressure. If you want a solar-strength meditation to help you with this, you can find it here.

You’ll also need to heal the past lives relating to power, do the inner child healing work, and work on your mindset. Although it’s not an easy journey, eventually, we all need to do this on the ascension journey. You also need to develop neutrality – a state where inner conflicts are balanced – so people’s egos can attach to nothing within you. The ego can’t connect to something neutral. It takes a lot of inner work. That’s why I created the Spiritual Leadership program, and truly the Mystery School, which reflects the ascension pathway.


Staying in your power invites people to tap into their highest selves. For the Light wants to be shared, and those who are receptive to it will quantum leap their lives. 


Don’t be afraid of your power because people will feel uplifted and inspired by you staying in your power. This sacred power moving through you will unlock hidden keys and codes within them. Allowing others to utilize the same energy in their own lives, and they will make quantum leaps. You have soul contracts with these people, and you will get it and expand with you. And when the Light is shared, it’s the most beautiful feeling.


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