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2020 Ascension: 6 Ways to Navigate It Amidst Chaos

The 2020 ascension is what many have been waiting for. Since 2012, we’re in intense training to facilitate our ascension. The planet is rising and shifting into a higher vibration, and in 2020, we all have the opportunity to align ourselves with the changes.

During the ascension process, we’re realizing our true nature and stepping into the light while rising above the darkness.

The 2020 Ascension

In 2020, a new window of opportunity has opened. Before 2020, many people had been spiritually awakening and allowing lighter energies to get anchored on Earth. This has created a huge shift, which has allowed the whole planet to ascend. And now, it’s our time to ascend together with Earth.

The new decade that we’ve just entered is crucial. We can raise much higher than ever before, and I know that many of you can feel it deep in your being. Now is not time to sleep and ignore what is happening.

The 2020 ascension is bringing collective upgrades that awaken our higher selves and align and readjust our energy bodies. It’s like playing a computer game, and now we’ve gotten to a new level, but the question is: Do the same rules apply? And the answer is no.

The old world is dissolving, and it evokes fear because we’re not used to navigating ourselves through uncertain times. This is one of the attributes that we’re all individually asked to master.

We’re all stepping into higher levels of our beings. This happens through powerful activations that set into motion dormant codes within our DNA.

As these light codes activate, we access the remembrance of who we truly are. We start to step into our sovereignty, and we allow the soul’s energy to enter our physical being. (I gave a speech on the topic of Soul’s Cosmic Journey, and in the first half, I also talk about the light codes. You can watch it HERE).

As this takes place, we’re asked to realign and readjust everything that isn’t resonant with the new frequency, which is precisely what the 2020 ascension is all about.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Individual and Collective Transformation

As I’ve been working with clients around the globe, I’ve come to realize that we go through the 7 stages of personal transformation. The transformation slowly takes us from our old self that is run by fears and conditioning. And it guides us to step into our powerful, liberated, and authentic self.

The transformation process is what people experience during their spiritual awakening. Since many people are already on their transformation journeys, it has created space for the next generations of people to start their ascension.

When you look around yourself, you may think that the world has gone crazy. It may feel scary and confusing.

Just as we undergo our personal transformation, so now the whole world is experiencing the same.

Collectively, there is a lot of dense energies and non-functional structures that need to be transmuted. We can’t ascend higher if we first don’t clean up the lower energies. Thus there are going to be waves of triggers that will force us to stop and look within and around ourselves to see what needs to change.

And, since you’re reading these words, you’re either an empath or a lightworker (or both). Your light and your voice are needed. The way you approach challenging times is crucial.

Collectively, tons of fears have been triggered. We go through times of deep cleansing. We can’t take our fears to higher dimensions with us. Because the fears and low energy, such as jealousy, self-doubts, or the fear of living your purpose, are holding us in the 3 and 4D when in fact, our soul is ready to rise.

How to Navigate the 2020 Ascension?

Below, I’ll share with you some of the information that I’ve been receiving from my guidance for the last couple of years. And, now, it’s more applicable than ever.

1. Reevaluate

Currently, it’s a coronavirus that has forced us to stop and reevaluate. Later, it may be something else. The universe wants us to stop living on autopilot and realize that the old way of living isn’t working anymore.

During the 2020 ascension, we’re asked to look at our lives and see what is working and what needs to go. We need to align ourselves with the higher frequency that already exists on Earth.

Things aren’t going the way we’re used to, and they’re going to be even more times when we feel like we don’t have a map to navigate them.

Therefore, the changes we’ve been postponing and saving for someday later are to be done now.

Is there something you know you need to do, but you’ve been hiding from it?

Are you asked to step up? If so, what is the next version of you?

If you were thinking (and we all are) that one day you’ll start following your calling. One day, you’ll deal with the feelings of jealousy or envy in your heart. Someday, you’ll shift your mindset to start receiving the abundance you deserve. Then that someday has come now.

Are you going to collaborate with the universe to realign yourself with the higher version of you?

2. Intuition and Faith

The chances are that you receive intuition. Likely, your inner voice is guiding you to new places, people, and ideas. You most likely already know what you’d like to do if only you believed in yourself and your ability to make it happen.

We’re stepping into feminine energy, which is unpredictable. The way they told us we should do our lives isn’t working anymore.

The only way to navigate the 2020 ascension is to follow your intuition. In the beginning, it’s difficult to trust it because it can ask you to go WAY BEYOND your comfort zone. But the more you act on your inner guidance, the more you learn to trust it.

Another collective theme for 2020 and beyond, is developing unshakable faith and trust. By trusting, you’re allowing your higher self to start guiding you to the best possible outcomes.

The trust in the higher power will allow you to rise above your fears. It’ll activate your courage, and thus, you’ll be more attuned to knowing what the next best step for you is.

3. Rising Above Darkness

The 2020 ascension energies guide us to rise above the darkness. The darkness is anything where we’re afraid to go and any place within our minds and hearts that lack light.

Pay attention to what is now raising within you. It may be the old story of feeling unworthy. Or perhaps, the financial fears got triggered in you. Maybe you feel drained and tired of always giving, and something in you knows that there is a better way to live.

The darkness or shadow are any aspects of ourselves that we’ve disowned.

Now is the time to clear the shadows out of your mind and heart. The uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that are now raising up want to be released to light. So, they no longer hold you back from what you truly want to experience here and now.

4. Stepping into Higher Version

The main topic of the 2020 ascension energy is to align yourself with the higher version of you. It’s time for you to step up in every aspect of your life.

This naturally triggers fear, and therefore, the previous step to clear it out is essential. Thus your energy will no longer travel back down to the denser places.

Stepping into the higher version of yourself is a long-distance run. Don’t create pressure on yourself to make it happen overnight.

But the great place to start is to think about what it is that you want to create in your life. Then once you’ve gained clarity, start where it feels most natural. Take baby steps in the right direction.

5. Stay in Your Center

We’re going to witness many changes in our lifetimes. It’s essential to learn to stay in your center and aligned with your truth.

When you look at the shadow or darkness and still maintain your balance, then you’ll be able to move faster through the dense energies. Not everything is meant to be interacted with.

You can watch a video on how to remain in your center.

6. Choose to Be the Light

When the 2020 ascension hits us hard, we always have two options. Do I allow fear to take over my thinking? Or do I choose to be the light?

Being the light amidst the chaos is all about choice. We can choose to align ourselves with our higher selves at any moment. Thus we slowly calibrate ourselves to the frequency of who we truly are.

When you feel the light is unreachable, ask yourself:

What is good about this situation that I’m missing right now?

How can I use this to benefit my growth?

How can this strengthen the light within me?

If I sum up the 2020 ascension energy, then it’s to keep realigning ourselves to the reality we want to experience. Keep reaching out for the higher version of ourselves in every moment.

We’re receiving major upgrades in our DNA, and it impacts the way we’re thinking and seeing the world. This all is a part of a much greater plan which is unfolding in front of our eyes.

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