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Stop Waiting for Life to Happen. This Is It.

Stop waiting for life to happen. You are already here. So you may as well enjoy it. Stop hiding from what is true for you because you can’t ever hide away from it. You can only postpone it to come to your life.

Why Doesn’t Hiding Work?

Wherever you’re on your journey, stop waiting. Some people create a “bumper” between themselves and the real life. They hide behind their family, friends, or jobs.

They want to protect themselves from a potential failure. From someone not approving their path. And even from fearing that they wouldn’t achieve what they want anyway, so why to even bother, right?

I absolutely understand it. As a coach, I can see every day that people are afraid to live fully. This is something that I had struggled with more than a decade ago. I was scared to follow my inner truth, so I observed life from the outside without being a part of it.

But you know what? This approach doesn’t work. As I consciously said yes to my life purpose and to my soul, I understood that postponing the right things is the only thing that makes us suffer.

The lessons and beautiful situations we’re here to experience are part of our soul’s plan. We can only make it harder for ourselves to move through certain lessons.

Or we can postpone beautiful moments of stepping into a new level of our being. But those key moments won’t disappear even if you kept running your whole life away from them.


You’re here to experience life as fully as you possibly can. When you stop waiting, life will too stop waiting from sending you blessings.


Stop waiting for life to happen because meanwhile, you’re putting your happiness on hold. While waiting, you’ll never feel safer. In fact, you’ll allow your life to be ruled by fears.


Feeling safe while postponing life is an illusion. The true security lies in allowing yourself to expand.


Stop waiting because you’ll never find what you seek in your comfort zone. The ego creates an illusion that we’re safe when we don’t live fully. When we listen to our fears and doubts.

But those insecurities and limiting beliefs originate from past hurts. They’re not real. It’s only stuck energy in your system, making you experience the same pain over again until you release it.

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How You May Be Waiting in Life:

  • For love to come. In this case, you subconsciously believe that your life will truly start once you meet the right person. P.S. This only prevents them from coming into your life.
  • To save up enough money to enjoy life. Let me ask you: Is it true that you need to save up more money to live the life you want? Or is it possible you’re just afraid of living fully already now?
  • Living in the same drama patterns. The truth is that when we truly want to heal internally, it happens. We try any option and don’t stop until the things that had been haunting us are gone for good. But the ego likes to make us believe that we need that drama, pain, past. It wants us to believe that we can’t change it. But the truth is that you always can. Remember, you’re not your ego. Don’t let it dictate your life.
  • For the right time to make the right move. How many times have you been postponing the right move out of fear? Like when we’re in a relationship that is far past its expiration date. Or when we want to start our own business, but don’t take the actions needed. P.S. Stop waiting. It’s the change in your attitude that creates the reality you want.
  • For becoming a better person. We may idolize that once we have that money, that love, or the support, we’ll be the best version of ourselves. But there is no final version of you. You’re forever growing, expanding, and becoming better by engaging with the present moment.

Here Is How to Stop Waiting


1. Release Illusions

One of the functions of the ego is creating illusions. An illusion is any belief or thought that isn’t based on truth. We all have a bunch of them, and the truth is that they aren’t serving you. In fact, illusions keep you stuck.

We’ve all constructed ideas about our future. It’s normal, and imagination is a key tool for manifesting. But the ego loves to blend in its version of events.

When the future comes, and your reality doesn’t match your expectations, you start to doubt yourself and withdraw from life.

What I often come across in my coaching sessions are the illusions about life purpose. People think that their purpose is something big and that they can miss it. Or they believe that it’s something they’ll be able to monetize. And almost everyone thinks that living your purpose will be easy.

Then you can imagine how it keeps people waiting. They don’t take the right actions because their purpose should come to them. And so they could finally escape their current self.

However, when they stop waiting and start working on themselves then their purpose is revealed to them. They’ve always had their purpose, but their current self isn’t able to work with it and even realize what it is.

Which illusions keep you stuck?

What idea about your life doesn’t serve you?

What if you chose to see the truth about any situation regardless of whether it’s different than what you had imagined?

2. Stop Living In Your Head

When a client comes to me, and they live in their heads, I know that they’ve personalized fear of one of their parents or both. And this voice became their internal judge which doesn’t allow them to live the life they want.

When we live in our heads, we’re afraid of making the wrong decisions. Because someone else has already instilled in us the conviction of how the “right life” should look like.

But here is the thing.

This is your life. And your purpose is to use the life force energy flowing through your veins in alignment with your heart’s deepest truth.

Stop waiting for life to happen. Get out of your head into real life and allow yourself to fail. It’s alright sometimes to make mistakes. You can only avoid making mistakes by not fully living.

3. How Can You Make Best Out of Now?

One of the best ways to stop waiting after you identified the limiting beliefs and shifted them is to make the best out of the present moment.

Sure, your now can be miles away from where you want to be. And I think it’s amazing that you always want to grow more. I celebrate you for that.

But the way to get there is to use whatever you have now. The universe never leaves you without a secret door to the next level of your life. Look around you and let it teach you what you need to know to become the person you want to be.

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