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4 Mindset Shifts to Overcome Challenges in Life

Finding ways how to overcome challenges has become my daily bread. Some of these shifts happen in mind, while others in the energy body and at the soul level. For holistic beings, the solutions don’t include only one facet of who we are. However, in this article, I stay focused on the mental level.

Overcoming challenges is inevitable. As long as we live there will be obstacles on our way. Their purpose is not to stop us; their purpose is to make us stronger.

Some of the obstacles are easier to detangle, while others may take us years to overcome and integrate their teachings.


Wherever you are, honor your journey. 


When people face difficult moments, they may feel injustice. Because they believe that other people have it easier and although you may be trying hard, it doesn’t work.

Don’t compare your life journey to someone else’s because you don’t know what others go through in reality. You might assume that you know, but it’s just nothing but the fantasies in your head.

The place you’re right now is the perfect place for you. Even if it looks miles away from the life you want, you need to first look at what you have at this moment. Otherwise, it never changes.

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How to overcome challenges?


1. Stay present

My first tip to overcome challenges is to stay present. Often we tend to withdraw from the unpleasant situation in the hope that it will miraculously solve itself. Well, it won’t.


To shift any situation, you must bring your full awareness to it.


As long as the unpleasant situation lasts, there is something you’re not willing to see yet. Face it. 

When you run away from the situation, it will wait for you, or it comes back in another form and different time. When we’re not present, we cannot deal with what is in front of us. Thus the challenges last longer than necessary. 


2. Choose to handle it

When it comes to overcoming challenges, the critical thing to keep in mind is that you CAN handle it. At least, if you choose it. The universe never gives you something that is beyond your capacity to deal with. 

However, the mind may persuade you that the obstacle is too much for you and thus you withdraw from it. 


What if you choose to be the person who can handle this?


When you choose to overcome challenges, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you immediately know what to do. But you become teachable, and life will show you the way. 

Flip the script in your mind and choose to be the person who can handle this. 

How would that version of you who knows how to overcome challenges act right now? 

If you knew how to face this situation what would you need to be, change, or do?

There is a part of you that already knows why you experience this and how to change it, connect with it


3. Be willing to learn

When we perceive the obstacle to be greater than us, we don’t think that we can do something to change it. However, if you look at the challenges as opportunities to learn, then you know that it’s a sort of game. 

The Earth is a school where we have an opportunity to expand the consciousness we were born with. Every situation is designed to teach you what you need at the perfect moment.

When you develop the mindset that everything is teaching you, the challenges don’t scare you anymore. You know that they happen FOR you


4. Obstacles prepare you for the next level

The key step to overcome challenges is not to see them as something unpleasant, but to see everything like the way of the universe to prepare you for something greater. 


Whenever you ask for more, you’ll be tested. Those tests aren’t meant to hurt you. They prepare you for what you want. 


Think about some successes from your past. Would you be ready for them if they had come a day earlier? Most likely everything came at the right moment. 

Let me give you two examples.

When you ask for true love, and you aren’t in the right mindset to receive it yet, then challenges may arise. First, you may meet someone who is not quite “it.” This person will teach you what you need to know so you ready for your soulmate and you don’t sabotage it.

If you would get stuck with this person and try to make it something it’s not meant to be, then you postpone what you asked for from coming. 

Or you ask for having a greater financial abundance. But first, some sudden challenges will show up. Maybe you’ll need to pay unexpected bills, or a friend will borrow money from you and not return it.

In this scenario, overcoming challenges will teach you what kind of mindset you need to develop to handle the amount of money you ask for.

Of course, it may take long before you master your lessons and you may even forget what you had asked for, but if you stay present, you’ll eventually learn the lessons. 

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