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How to Quantum Jumping? Tap Into Infinite Versions of You

Quantum jumping is a leap into another, parallel universe. More and more people experiment with a conscious quantum leaping to create a better reality for themselves. While others fear quantum jumping. I’ll not advise you whether to quantum jump or not, but I want to give you a background of quantum jumping and parallel universes. 

Do parallel universes exist?

Let’s start at the beginning. Some physicists suggest that endless variations of our universe exist. It means that there isn’t only one universe, but a multitude of them.

Some call it a multiverse because they believe that after the Big Bang, the cosmos continues expanding. And within the cosmos, there are also areas where different universe are formed. 

You may imagine it as a waterfall that creates bubbles as the mass of water falls down. The running water is like expanding the cosmos, while the bubbles are like their own universes. Each of them exists simultaneously next to each other. 

Although the theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, was not a fan of this theory, in the paper that was published after his death, he concluded that:

We’re not down to a single, unique universe. However, our findings imply a significant reduction of the multiverse, to a much smaller range of possible universes.

In other words, Hawking admitted that there is a number of universes, but the number isn’t infinite as some physicists propose. 

Although it’s close to impossible to know where the truth stands with certainty, I do believe that parallel universes exist. In fact, I’ve always believed in them before I even heard about physics. 

Because …

As your consciousness expands, you may feel yourself in the parallel universes simultaneously. 

Although I don’t hear many people talking about this, I know that it’s possible to “feel” other versions of yourself in different realities. And be aware of them all at once.

I admit that it may sound crazy to be aware of other versions of you, but it doesn’t happen before one is ready for it. However, sometimes, for a short period of time, a mistake can happen. And someone can realize what they’re doing in a parallel reality. Especially during the process of spiritual awakening. 

Every decision that you make or not creates a stream of possibilities. Each of them continues living their own lives in a parallel universe. In other words, there are multiple versions of you.

For instance, if you married John instead of Luke, you’d have a different life. But these two versions of you do exists. In one reality, you married John while in another you married Luke. In the third reality you never married and so on it goes. 

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Quantum Jumping and the Infinite You

Now comes the fun part. All those versions are you. You aren’t aware of them so you can better focus on each reality as it was the only real world. 

Because if you didn’t think it’s real, you wouldn’t do your homework. Which is to explore the infinite outcomes of your intentions, actions, and choices. 

It’s like a mighty tree that has hundreds of leaves. Each of these leaves is one version of you, but you’re the whole tree. In fact, the tree is your soul. 


It’s the higher self that directs and synchronizes those versions of you.


The higher self is aware of those different expressions of your being. In reality, it’s overviewing them. Thus it’s essential to listen to your intuitive guidance. Because your soul can see what you’re doing in this reality and others. And your soul also knows the themes you came here to explore

When you do quantum jumping, it’s again your higher self overlooking this process.

Thus I’m a forever advocate of building a conscious relationship with your soul because it will make your life so much more comfortable in every aspect. Also, when you decide to try quantum jumping, your soul will guide you through this process.

That’s why I guide all my coaching clients and also clients who work with me in the Lightworker Healing coaching to align with their soul. And to embody their soul


What is quantum jumping?

So, now that we have a bit of background let’s talk about quantum jumping or quantum leaping as it is sometimes called. 


Quantum jumping is a process during which you jump into another version of you in one of the parallel universes. 


When you make a quantum jump, your reality changes. If I go to my previous example, one morning you wake up next to John instead of Luke. But it feels natural because as you quantum jump, you remember your past with John and you don’t even know Luke. 

However, this kind of massive quantum jump happens on purpose. You deliberately decided to quantum jumping into your preferred reality.

Many people use quantum jumping to learn a new skill, have more money, or make the right choice


One of the benefits of quantum jumping is that you can tap into the version of you who became successful or who mastered something you want.


With practice, you can ask your alternate self how they made it. In essence, this process is similar to what I described in one of my articles on how to connect with your future self

When you use quantum jumping to learn and then take the knowledge back to your reality and implement it, you’ll undoubtedly grow much faster. 


However, it’s also possible to do quantum jumping into a different reality when you wake up in the body of an alternate version of you.


You switch off your awareness in this reality and instead become aware of you in the preferred reality. Some people believe that we do this constantly without even realizing it. 

Everyone does quantum jumping, and usually, the changes between your current and future reality are insignificant. You don’t even notice them.

However, sometimes, the change may be so significant that it seems like a miracle. I certainly had those experiences. And when you search back in your history, you may also recall that something changed quickly out of the blue. 


A bit of warning

Although I believe that everyone quantum jumps. And that at some point in the soul’s evolution, we start doing it more consciously. Moreover, as I said, we’ll become aware of those other versions of self simultaneously so that we can learn from each other. 

But it shouldn’t become a replacement for giving up personal responsibility. Recently, I’ve been participating in some conversations about impacting someone’s personal will and free will.


In theory, one could easily justify, I can manipulate someone. And it’s alright because I just jump into the reality where the person does what I want.


I believe that integrity and responsibility matter in any version of universes and that we should never play with someone’s will consciously. Quantum jumping isn’t a tool for always getting what you want. 


From the soul’s perspective, we’re here to master specific lessons, and you don’t escape them by jumping somewhere else. Every reality has pros and cons. 


That’s why I also didn’t tell you how to quantum jump. I teach the process only those of my clients who I know that are spiritually mature enough to also deal with possible consequences. 

But, if you use it to ask your alternate self advice for something you’re struggling with, it can only benefit you. 

Since the topic of parallel universes and quantum jumping is interesting, I invite you to share your experience or perspective on my Facebook page.

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