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How to Connect With Your Future Self to Receive Guidance

Before I share with you how you can connect with your future self, I need to tell you something about time first and our perception of it.

The perception of time

The time is relative, which means that it flows at various speeds for different people. You can have two people doing the same job, yet for one, the time flows faster, while for the other one, it tails back like a snail.

We can expand or shrink our consciousness (but that is the topic for a different article).

Another important aspect of time and reality is that the future is not set in stone.


Your future is determined by your current decisions and the level of your consciousness.


For each of your decisions, exists a particular timeline that is the result of your choice. Yet the moment you change your decisions, you can actually move to a different timeline.

Now, I can feel your heads spinning but stay with me.

An example of our choices impacting our future

Imagine a young man who has many talents and potential. He could become a piano player but also a basketball star as he is excellent at both. Both versions of the future are available for him. It all depends on his choices.

When he decides to pursue a professional basketball career, he soon becomes one of the top players.

But if he chooses instead to take piano lessons and continue pursuing this talent, he becomes a piano composer. Neither of these options is better or worse. They are both available.

Of course, he also has free will and can opt-out of any of this and become an accountant instead.


The bottom line is that we choose the future based on every choice we make.


And I say every choice because indeed, each decision moves us closer to a particular timeline or further away from it.

It’s not true that what we do and think doesn’t count. It does count, and we always receive the fruits of our decisions.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take big, bold decisions to shift the timeline. It can be the small choice not to get up early in the morning to affect your belief in yourself and your ability to keep your word. These little choices are seemingly unimportant, but they all add to each other and create the kind of life we either enjoy or not.

But how is this useful information to connect with your future self?

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You can connect with your future self from many different timelines. You can connect with your future self, which is healthy, and can guide you on what you can do to become healthy.

Or you can also connect with your future self that already has the loving family that you so much want and ask for advice on how to get to that state.

Or you can ask your future self which has already achieved the level of success you want, and you can connect with that self regularly, so you receive specific daily information for your next moves.


When you connect with your future self, you pull the particular timeline closer to you.


If you begin to act on the guidance, then gradually, you two (your future self and you) merge, and you will experience the same reality.

Or you can ask for one piece of advice when you need a quick solution to something that occupies you.


Where does free will begin?

The key point is that you can play with it as much as you want. Since we live in a free-will universe, we can choose to experience anything we want.

But this, of course, is restricted to those experiences that we now need to grow internally. Before being born, we had agreed with our higher self (spirit, or soul – depends on which word works for you the best) to experience a specific set of lessons.

So the lessons – or better said – the teachings are already agreed upon. Thus it’s unlikely that you’d feel called to experience something else than what had already been agreed.

In a sense, the heart’s deepest callings that you feel are already given. You feel drawn naturally to those experiences that you need. But the teachings are vital, not the specific form through which you receive it.

So, if we go back to our previous example of a talented young man. His teaching could be to experience the freedom of expressions of his true self, and it doesn’t matter that much if it happens via playing piano or basketball.

(This is what I was explaining in my TEDx Talk).

The particulars of the story are flexible, but the lessons are given.


How can you connect with your future self?

Remember that you always have access to other of your timelines than the one you’re at right now. You can access the information you need.

I’ll share with you the process that I like to use but feel free to adjust it according to what feels the best for you.


1. Connect with your higher self

I like to begin by asking my higher self to govern the whole process. As the higher self is the steward of all the versions of you on any timeline.

The advantage of connecting with your soul first is that you’ll automatically be protected, and if there is some information that you aren’t ready for, you won’t receive it.

There are multiple ways to connect with your soul – you can do so via heart chakra meditation or any meditation (to calm your mind) and then express the desire to connect with your soul.

When you ask to connect with your soul, imagine that your energy surrounding your body is ascending somewhere above you, towards your soul. When you make the connection, you feel it. Something clicks, and you should feel calm and peaceful.


2. Choose your future self 

Now that you’re connected, ask your soul to help you connect with the particular future self you want. It can be your future self a few years from now or the self that has already mastered what you desire.

Ask also your soul to guide you two through the whole process and to protect you. State the intention for the connection. The reason for connecting should be more profound than knowing a lottery winning numbers.

If your real intention is not pure enough (it comes solely from your mind), then I don’t think that the connection will be allowed to be made.


3. Talk with your future self

When you’re connecting with your future self, first absorb the energy so your body remembers what kind of energy you need to embody to become that version of you.

You can ask anything that you want, but if your question is not valid (it’s silly, other words), it probably won’t be answered.

You can ask any specifics about your upcoming journey as the future self has already mastered it. Thus it can offer you more tangible and practical advice.


4. Express gratitude

When you feel that you asked everything, then express your thanks to both the future self and the higher self.

In fact, you’re building a new bond and relationship with them, so cherish it.


5. Ground yourself

Now is the time for your consciousness to descend back to your body. Before doing so, ask your soul to cleanse your energies and help you ground yourself.

Imagine that you’re descending back to your body and then stay still for a while and feel into your body – that will bring your presence fully back.

You can stretch a bit or make a cup of tea as this also helps to ground. Or you can imagine your legs turning into roots that are going to the center of Earth to ground you just like the tree does.

You can repeat this exercise as often as you feel like. The higher self is always grateful if you begin to create a conscious relationship.

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