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How to Develop Daily Meditation Practice Using these 5 Easy Steps

Having a daily meditation practice will enhance your life. Meditation is one of the simplest yet the most profound tools for training our minds. I know that there has been a lot said about meditating. And I know that everyone has at least basic ideas about the benefits of meditation.

Nevertheless, the majority of people still don’t meditate. I think that the reason is simple – we can feel overwhelmed about where to start. It may also look time-consuming.

Let me break this myth for you here and give your easy ideas on developing a daily meditation practice.


Daily Meditation Practice in 5 Steps


1. Commit to 3 minutes a day

Daily meditation practice can be as simple as dedicating 3 minutes of your time to staying present with yourself. If you’re a meditation newbie, you don’t need to meditate longer than 3 or 5 minutes a day. Creating a new morning habit is already a big step forward. You can meditate longer if you feel like but for the beginning, commit to meditating for at least 3 minutes. This minimum time is already enough to rewire your mind slowly.


2. Meditate first thing in the morning

As with any new habit, committing to a particular time for practice helps to stick with it. Meditating in the morning has excellent benefits. It energizes your body and mind, and you stay more mindful throughout the day. In the same way, you can meditate in the evening to prepare your mind for sleep. It’s about experimenting and choosing the best time for yourself.

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3. Don’t judge your meditation and don’t compare it to others

I have been meditating for more than nine years regularly now, and I have never had two same meditations. Sometimes, it’s intense, and I completely lose track of time and everything around me.

Other times, my meditation can be much shorter and shallower. It doesn’t matter. Both of them are fine. When you want to develop your daily meditation practice, you can’t judge yourself and the meditation. Meditating daily matters more than if you can get deep each time. Avoid any judging and cherish your own unique meditation experience.


4. Create a daily meditation practice 

Make your mornings something that you look forward to. Create new morning habits that will carry you through the whole day. You can start with meditation and continue with reading, yoga, or shower. When you make it a routine and stay with it, it gets easier for you. You can read about some morning routine tips here.


5. Zen meditations and guided meditations

Traditional Zen meditation is a straightforward method in which you focus only on your breath. By giving attention to your breath, your mind ceases to wander. Even though this is the most well-known kind of meditation, it’s not the easiest one to start with from my experience.

Another option can be guided meditations, which are great to avoid the mind from getting distracted. In guided meditations, someone is guiding you by telling you what to focus on, what to imagine, and how to breathe. You can listen and follow the guidance.


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