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a lightworker's mission

An Energy Update: A Lightworker’s Mission is Accelerating

We live in a vibrational Universe. Our human bodies, planets, stars are made of energies with a specific frequency. Besides your physical body, there is also an energy body that is the vibrational platform on which the particles of energy can manifest into the matter.

When we see the matter, we only see the result of manifested energy. But if we were to look a layer behind the matter, we could see only energies.


The Universe, itself, is energy based, too. It means that we swim in an endless pool of energies all the time.


In regular cycles, there are “energy waves” flowing through our planet Earth. These energy waves impact us at the most subtle levels. Though we can’t touch them or see them, we can feel them.

Depending on how you receive the energies, you can register the planetary energy waves through your emotions and moods. Or you simply know that some energy “window“ has just opened. You can also recognize what kind of energy is impacting the Earth in your dream state and store that information in your subconscious.

For instance, you may feel an urge to speed up some projects you’ve been working on because subconsciously you can feel that the time is perfect to finalize it now. Or you wake up one day with an intense thought to change your whole life. You feel the wake-up call strong and loud.

The planetary energy waves impact us all. Some people are more in touch with their feelings so they can sense the energy better than others. Others may feel out of sync without any particular reason.


These energies can be pretty intense, and thus they can mess up with your psyche and emotions.

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There can be multiple planetary cycles going on at the same time. One cycle can last a couple of years, and within that larger cycle, we have many minor periods that take a couple of months (or weeks). Likewise, there are also cycles that last thousands of years (sometimes tens of thousands of years and more).

Each cycle carries specific energy that assists our inner growth and the development of the whole society. It’s like setting up a theme for a party. The dress code can be all white, and you can play within that dress code, but if you’d come in the black color you would be kicked out of the party. Or you simply don’t feel comfortable in black clothes.

You can think of the planetary energy cycles as the way of the Universe to ensure that within a specific time frame we work on certain patterns and develop new qualities of mind and heart. It’s the same as going to school and having a specific curriculum for each school year.

I’ve talked a little about the cycles here. Or also in this article, This is Exactly Why Your Life Has Been Falling Apart Lately.

I’m not sure whether everyone can feel this energy wave clearly as day, or if it’s especially lightworkers who can. I’ve asked others lightworkers (I always like to know if others feel the same energy wave) and they all feel very intense energy asking them to shine massively.

I also asked people who aren’t lightworkers, and they don’t feel the energies so intensely. So you have to see for yourself to which degree is this wave impacting you.


A lightworker’s mission: a call-to-action

Since 2017, there has been a particularly strong cycle which has been clearing out all structures and patterns. Now that lot of inner cleansing is done, the cycle has intensified (approx. since March 2018) and is calling us to step out and be visible.


Current energy wave feels like something new and life-transforming is right behind the corner.


That “something” is an open window which amplifies our manifesting abilities and asks us to be deliberate about what kind of world we want to live in. We’ve done a lot of energy work on this planet, and now we can be extensively supported on our way.

The connection with our inner guidance and soul has intensified so much that we can feel like our soul is walking right next to us and is continually whispering into our ears about what steps to take.


Now is the time to focus on your inner light and energy.


The quality of your thoughts and energy will determine your near future. It’s essential to stay positive and in the center of your inner power. So that you don’t allow anything and anyone to take you off balance.

Since staying balanced and energetically pure is vital, the soul is sending us calming energy that enables us to maintain inner peace even in the midst of a hurricane. Thus you can also notice that you’ve been feeling calmer lately, even though your outer world can be a mess.


Staying balanced is crucial as it stabilizes your vibrational field.


Another aspect of the current energy wave is that you may feel a strong urge to connect with other like-minded people. And perhaps, go a step further, like me, and create a power poses or mastermind groups.

This is the time to support each other and connect with them from our heart and have genuine conversations.

I’ve been guiding lightworkers for years, and I’ve noticed that they have specific sets of fears, gifts, and areas to work on that will allow them to embrace and understand their mission fully. If this speaks to you, I invite you to explore the Lightworker Healing program

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