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how to connect with your soul

How to Connect with Your Soul with Soulful Moments

The ways of how to connect with your soul are plentiful. Yet they happen in quietness, solitude (not always though), and through your feelings. One can understand the concept of the soul, but to experience the soul, one must feel the connection with the soul from the heart chakra.

We’re souls having a human experience, and the deeper purpose is to help us experience all aspects of God (the creation itself). There are lessons that we can learn only here on Earth. That’s the reason why we’re here.

There is nothing metaphysical about accepting our true essence. We’re more than what we think and assume. And that is good news.

The difference between the connection with soul and disconnection

The problem comes when we forget our true essence because we get disconnected from our souls. In these moments of disconnection with our soul, we experience the hardest challenges that are meant to help us remember our true essence. In these moments, we feel lost the most.


Forgetting the fact that we’re embodied soul causes the feeling of separation from one another.


On the other hand, when we stay connected and remember who we’re, we begin to see the challenges from a new perspective. We start to see the greater design behind all these things that are supposedly happening TO us.

Life gets much easier when we maintain a relationship with our soul – which is our true self. I know that you cannot touch your soul, but there have been moments when you can feel her.


When have you felt the connection with your soul?

In what kinds of moments do you feel like you have a meaning and that life is worth living?

What does uplift you? 


Recall the moments when you’ve felt connected with your soul. The connection is usually felt in effortless moments, like feeling the grass under your feet on a beautiful summer day.

Or it can be when you dance, and you feel like this is your true self – intense, passionate, confident, and powerfully feminine. Maybe you connect with your soul when you do what you love –  perhaps while you’re cooking or painting a picture.


Soul speaks to us in the language of creativity, inspiration, and love. 


Recall these moments, let your imagination wander, and allow yourself to feel alive.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

How to connect with your soul

When we experience what I call “soulful” moments, we’re connected with our soul. We feel much stronger, happier, and peaceful. This is how it feels like to embody your soul.

The soulful moments can come unexpectedly as aha-moment, enjoying a beautiful summer day, or relaxing in a bathtub and feel inner peace.

Therefore whatever you do, make sure that you have space for soulful moments.


We’re like a frame for the soul which comes forward and creates a unique masterpiece.


The frame we create must be strong and big enough to carry the soul. In other words, we must develop solid foundations for the soul.


By creating space for her to come in. Soul loves quietness because, in these moments, we’re able and willing to listen to her whisper.


When is the best time for you to get quiet so you can hear your soul’s guidance?


Maybe it’s easiest in the mornings when the world is still sleeping or in the evening or during the lunch break. Think about what part of your day you can devote to your soul. It can be only 5 minutes a day. Everyone has these few minutes regardless of anything.


What makes you feel the connection with your soul the best? 

What is it that makes you remember who you are and why you are here?


It can be a mindful walk at sunset. Or you may experience it while swimming, which helps you clear your mind so you can hear your soul.

Make these soulful moments part of your every day, so you feel never disconnected again.


I’ve made connecting with your soul and your higher self easy. Download your guided visualization album to connect with your soul consciously and hear her guidance for you. 

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