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what is the meaning of life

What is the Meaning of Life? A Metaphysical Approach Made Easy.

I used to ask myself often what is the meaning of life. The answer isn’t simple because the same question can be answered in many ways, but I’m an advocate of simplicity. Although I could go into a lot of depth, today I refrain from it.


A little bit of context of the meaning of life 

We’re an expression of the divine in the physical world. The Source (God, universe) decided to know itself since at the beginning of times there was nothing else but him (her).

There wasn’t any reference point outside of the Source so he couldn’t know what is or isn’t him. (I’d prefer, “it” as the Source doesn’t have a gender, but for simplicity, I’ll use what most of the people is used to -” he”)

The only option was to divide himself into an infinite number of smaller fields of consciousness, so he created endless reference points each expressing some of his aspects.


Thus each of us is an expression of the Source. Together we allow the universe to understand and know itself through our individualized perceptions.

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Hence your only job is to be your true self. How simple and challenging! 

The source has no opinion about what aspect of himself you should or shouldn’t embody. Because the Source is all that exists so, you can become anything you want.

Your extension (soul) that decided to stay in nonphysical form has a plan for you. Your soul wants to express certain aspects based on free will. It’s only you who chose, before being born, what you want to experience. Once, you were born, you very likely forget most of what you had chosen, and you get “distracted” by the physical world.

The physical world is like a playground where you can get best out of yourself based on your’s soul plan.

It wasn’t meant to be the place where you get lost, become powerless, or where you (mostly) focus on having more houses, better computers or more clothes. If you focus solely on this world, you miss the point of being here.


Reality has the unique gift to mirror to us the parts of ourselves, we came here to master.


When someone causes you pain or makes you look deeper within yourself, you bet that this is what is the best (for your inner growth) from the perspective of your soul. If you resist it, then you miss the opportunity, and it will present itself in another way – meeting the same kind of person in a different body.



What is the meaning of life?

The purpose of life is to find your gift and then share it. You find your gift if you understand (and face) what the reality reflects you. The reality always guides you back to yourself. 


The magic happens when we stop running away and hiding and instead accept what is and start working with what we have.


Learn to read the reality, and then you know what parts of you to focus on so you can change the aspects of you that you don’t prefer (anymore). When you start looking within, you become clear what your life purpose is.

Don’t wait until something huge happens and shows you your way. You have all the information that you need right at this moment.


The meaning of life is to create. You create yourself. So that you become who you really are far beyond the physical limitations.  


Life is too precious and short to get distracted by superficial things. Become who you were meant to be while you still have time. Be with those you love and share your depth. The world is waiting for the special gift that only you have.

Express yourself most authentically and uniquely until you know there’s nothing else left. Only then you know that you lived your life meaningfully.

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